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2013 Polaris Scrambler 850

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     Polaris Introduces New  2013 Scrambler 850 ATV


by Scott A. Sumner

  Polaris has just reintroduced the Scrambler name into their line up with the 2013 Polaris Scrambler 850, a really fun trail performance machine.  It was great to see the much anticipated ATV come out of the crate  and be put together at North Country Cycle & Sports in Thunder Bay. 


  The unit is shipped in a steel frame with a plastic cover over it. The steel frame is collapsible and the unit  is shrink wrapped at the factory. The dealer can recieve the unit well protected and Polaris can recycle the steel frame. It was fun to see the 2013 Polaris Scrambler 850 come out of the shrink wrap and get set up.   “ We go through the entire machine by checking all the fluid levels, the air pressures in the tires and everything is tight. We go through through the whole check list that Polaris provides,”said Randy Neufeld, General Manager at North Country Cycle & Sports - Thunder Bay.  “ You hook up the battery, put some gas in and then run it.”   

   The Scrambler 850 is a trail performance machine for the rider that may not need the utility aspects of an ATV that many customers use,say pull a moose out of the bush. It is built to mainly go out and enjoy the ride.  The Scrambler has Fox clicker adjustable shocks and Polaris has done a lot of work with the double A arm suspension. It handles very well with the power steering and is very easy to maneuver.


   “  It is probably the most fun ATV to ride. I got a chance to ride one of the early models at the dealer meeting in Las Vegas on a test track. It is very nice sounding with a tuned exhaust on it, which probably gives some more performance. For the first round every dealer got 1 unit with more coming in the spring time.”said Randy Neufeld.

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