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Ski Doo Race Director Steve Cowing

By Scott A. Sumner
 American Steve Cowing is the Competition and Media Relations Manager for the Ski Doo brand at BRP.  Now located in Minneapolis again, Cowing was originally from Minneapolis and moved to Wauseau when he joined the company.  The 44 year old moved back to Minneapolis in a sales role and they said you seem to like racing, have a passion for it so why not be in this race position.
  "I was a snowmobiler since I was 5 years old and by 8 or 9 I was driving my own machine.  Then we worked on them just to keep them running,' notes Steve Cowing.  "The Ski Doo race sleds for 2006 have been refined quite a bit.  On the 440 we have a holeshot package for the machine, it is a little lighter than last year, we've improved the engine in the carbeuration area and the the ignition is very, very advanced right now.  We have really worked to get a better hole shot performance.  When we built the REV it was with racing in mind and Ski Doo is really behind the race program.  The REV was very solid right from the get go."
    Ski Doo has racers form the juniors all the way up and won the Pro Open championship last year.  "We know our sled will be competitive.  We aren't sure what the other guys have done with their sleds yet as this is the first head to head competition,' notes Cowing.  "Our top teams went to Thompson, Manitoba to test this year.  I do most of my own riding out west for photo shoots in Utah and Montana.  They are a spirited group in Valcourt.  They have a  passion for the sport and production."

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