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Canadian Racer Tim Tremblay

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Canadian Snocross Racer Tim Tremblay

by Scott A. Sumner
   Tim Tremblay is 25 years old and from Lac St Jean, Quebec Canada.  He started riding snowmobiles at 17 or 18, quite late for someone who  grew up in the heartland of the sport and near the home of Ski Doo.  “  I was very serious then about motocross and every winter I was  going to Florida to train on dirt bikes. I wasn’t focused on  snowmobile. Then one of my dealerships in Lac St Jean asked me to  race snowmobiles. My original goal was to be a top AMA motocross  rider but it went another way,” smiles Tim Trembley of the Warnert  Race Team. “ It is pretty cool now that I am near the top in snocross.”
    Tim started racing snowmobiles as a semi pro. “  I was winning  many races and in my last race I lapped the second guy so they moved  me into Pro in SCM, the Quebec series. I won my last race as Pro  there and the next year I signed with Warnert Racing. I first won the 
Semi Pro championship, then one of the Pro championships and last  year got third in Pro so had a pretty good start. Last year I had  trouble with my sled throughout the year and only had 1 win at Lake  Geneva at the end of the season.”

   This year Tim feels really good, has been training very hard and  is in the best condition he has ever been so it should be a good  season. Earlier in the summer he dislocated his thumb and took two  months off coming back just before the Montreal Supercross and then 
training in Florida for a month. He has been doing bicycling and work  outs at the gym.  Tremblay has had 10 days on the sleds before this  Duluth opener in BC at Panorama as well as at Planet X and Park X.

   “ My first year of racing was with Polaris and since then I have  been with Ski Doo. I used to have a factory ride with KTM but after  hurting my knee I couldn’t get the same speed, but every year I still  do a couple national races as well as some provincial races in  Canada. I like both snocross and motocross. When I was young I wanted  to be a motocross racer but now I can be one of the top riders in  snocross.” said Tremblay.

   “ I think it will be a long season with only the Pro Open class  now. It will be a close race points race. I really liked the stock  class because the machines were really close to each other with close  racing and for me it was a little better because I can use my  physical size to make a difference,” said Tim Tremblay who is 6 ft  1inches tall and weighs 195 pounds. The stock was a little better for  me but I can do it in Pro Open.”


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