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2006 Polaris Sleds

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Polaris Shows Off Their 2006 Models To Enthusiastic Riders

By Scott A. Sumner
   15 new sleds. 5 new engines. 0 compromises is what the brochure said.  Judging from the response of the well attended Polaris 2006 Tour stop at Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada Polaris can stand by their claims. The new 2006 Polaris line up was exciting to see with the IQ chassis coming to be the mainstay.

Thunder Bay Rider Vic Miller owns 10 sleds most of which are Polaris  including a 2005 Switchback 900.  He has a 2006  version on order!

Rick Hartley is the Sales Manager of North Country Cycle & Sports, one of two Polaris dealers in Thunder Bay.  "We are having the sneak peak event today.  Everything now is what they call the IQ chassis, from our standard Indy series, the Switchback, the RMK series, Fusion models are all with the new chassis A arm front end.  Some of the fan cooled sleds will still be in the Edge chassis which is reliable and works well," says Rick Hartley.   "I rode a  RMK 900 on the weekend and there is a big difference between the old and new chassis.  I found the new chassis handled substantially better considering I was riding a 151 track on the trail and I could run with two or three other guys on Ski Doo REV chassis. "

Rick  Hartley talks about the new 2006 models from Polaris to some interested riders.

All of the liquid cooled 600cc and up are in the IQ chassis.  There are three four strokes in the Classic series which are electric start and reverse.  The 750 four stroke motor produces 135 HP.  "Polaris had made a statement to their dealers that they plan to be number one.  Ski Doo took over in 2003 and 2004.  Their goal is to get back to number which showed in the racing this yea," says Hartley.   "I think for most dealers it was a clean up year.  Basically it allowed us to move any 03 04 products.  We have only 6 or 7 sleds left, versus 15 to 30 sleds over the last 2 years.  It was great year this year.  Snow conditions were excellent.  People got out and road.  There was lots of interest in the crossover section, the Switchback combination of trail and off trial sleds."
  The Polaris Snow Check period runs from March 1 to April 9th.  It allows you to order your sled exactly the way you want it with different track options etc.  You also get a second year warranty for free and "200 in accessories.  On a early order system you can go different options and colour schemes.  There is a racer version of some models with the true Polaris blue and red colors.
Lots of interest in Thunder Bay!

The Clean Fire system for Polaris is basically direct injection.  It is an EFI sled similar to whats been going on in the marine industry for the last two years with Mercury and Yamaha where the oil and the fuel is directly injected into the cylinder for the cleanest burn you can get and is very close to meeting the emission standards already.
  Traditional EFI does not inject the oil that way, only the gas.   "As we go down the road, everyone will have 2006 and 2008 which is the big year, standards to meet.  The clean fire system will be a way to meet it along with some of the four stroke introductions as well."  says Hartley.

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