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2007 Arctic Cat

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2007 Arctic Cat F Series All New!

By Scott A. Sumner
  The people of Thief River Falls must have been burning the midnight oil with the arrival of the new F Series, a replacement for the Firecat  model with is a complete redesign.  Whats new I asked Elvin Sawatsky, Sales Consultant at Smiths RV Centre in Thunder Bay?image
"Many new features from adjustable handlerbars, windshield, seat and foot rests to a brand new chassis called the Twin Spar which is 46% stiffer than last years Firecat chassis.  The basic premise is to increase the sleds handability which is really whats it all about.  There are less welds on the machine,' smiles Sawatsky.  "It's a whole new machine with the cowling and the ways things work. The seat is awesome because if you are tall or short you can adjust to fit you for sit down or stand up riding.  That works in conjunction with the handlebars and footrests."
     "We now have our own version of electronic reverse.  It is different than other brands in the industry in that it doesnt stutter the motor.  It works in conjunction with the Arctic Cat ACT system by adjusting a gear to reverse the sled.  I'm a little concerned about the stopping of the motor and reversing the engine that our competitors do,'' states Sawatsky.  "The F series has changes in the CDI system that will allow for a higher temperature.  It is all so new so it will take a month or two to work with the changes.  They are going back to a 15 inch track for more stability.  The Firecat was good but the new 15 inch track will provide good floatation with a rip saw pattern as well."
image What has been the reaction to the new F series from customers?
    "So far it has been a mixed interest. The true blue Arctic Cat rider was the same when the Firecat came out replacing the ZR.  It took some time for them to like the new style, but when they did move to the Firecat they fell in love with it.  Now I think they just need to get it on the snow and try it.  Every magazine which has written about the new F series has the handability as fantastic and a tremendous improvement."
   The F series will come in  600, 800 and 1000 sized engines in regular Fs, the performance luxury LXR with adjustable windshield and the Sno Pro which adds the air shock which gets used in the snocross arena as well.  "The sno pros with air shocks that I sold to customers  last year were well received. Some guys liked them stiff, some soft and others adjusted them all the time to varying conditions,' states Sawatsky.  "We are the exclusive Arctic Cat dealer in Thunder Bay and  are looking for a great year with lots of stock here already and coming.  The F series 1000 has me excited as it will be a light brute.  We also have the 4 Stroke version Jaguar with the features of the F series and the distinct advantage of the 4 stroke.  This is Arctic Cats answer in a performance model to the Yamaha 4 strokes.  The roller secondary is back and overall the Fseries will be a nice little package."

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