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2007 Polaris IQ

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2007 Polaris IQ 600 EFI Cleanfire Promises To Be A Great Sled

By Scott A. Sumner
     It is always fun for me to meet a snowmobile enthusiast and 28 year old Cory Hayward of the Sales Department at J & J Sports Thunder Bay is certainly one.  "I have been snowmobiling for quite a few years, starting at 6 years old or younger and you could call me a fanatic.  Snowmobiling is a passion of mine as well as ATVs,' smiles Cory Hayward.  "I like the back country riding whether it be on a snowmobile or ATV. They are really fun sports."
     My goal was to find out more about the 2007 Polaris IQ 600 EFI Cleanfire, which is a sled I pick as being one of the best for 2007.  The new  IQ platform and cleanfire engine  provides a good power to weight ratio, is very reliable and a very predictable handling snowmobile. For the 600 class it is  said to be the fastest and with the addition of EFI will have great fuel economy, although the carbed version was quite good as well according to Hayward. Polaris has eliminated the Fusion exterior but the tunnel and bulkhead look the same.
  image      "This is the first year for this look on our short track models and the second on the Switchback or RMK.  The IQ 600 track is 121 inches by 15 wide with a 1 inch lug.  It is designed to be a little more nimble with better top end speed and  the sled is just shy of 500 pounds,' notes Hayward.  "So far, so good on the response from the public. We have sold some units and with the snow coming I anticipate a good season.  This sled and the Switchback 600 will be our most popular sleds."
    "I like to get out on the back roads where not too many people have been riding and make my trail, run rivers with my buddies and experience the freedom, speed, the power for a combination of everything,' states Hayward.  "I enjoy working at J & J and selling the products. Being raised around the snowmobiles and ATVs if you enjoy what you do I dont think there is a better spot for me to be."
image     Last year Hayward and about 40 of J & Js best customers had  the chance to ride the 2006 IQ 600, a limited build for preproduction of  the 2007 model.  "I thought it performed really well with great throttle response and power. The front end handled exceptional as well. The sled was really predictable through the bumps and made me quite impressed comparing to the older 600. It pulled  past my 04 600 even though I had a little mod work done on my sled," smiles Hayward.   "Polaris came to J &J last spring and said we  are going to drop off a  2006  IQ 600 and give you the weekend. I figured it would be good to try out and our customer Vic Miller offered his place up being the good guy that he is and we had about 40 riders out who really enjoyed themselves."
   This sled will be a winner for Polaris.

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