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2007 Yamaha Phazer

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2007 Yamaha Phazer Changes Snowmobiling with Its Radical New Design

By Scott A. Sumner

     The 2007 Yamaha Phazer is a brand new sled from the ground up and very impressive. I had been looking forward to seeing this much talked about sled and was happy to have a look at the unique sled in the showroom of North Country Cycle & Sports in Thunder Bay. This snowmobile has its inspiration from the Yamaha YZ motocross bikes and is really a move in a whole new direction for our sport.
  image     Unique on the Phazer is the light weight chassis, wishbone steering, 4 stroke 80 HP engine which is a brand new 2 cylinder 500 cc.  The sled retails at $8699.00 plus the taxes and includes freight and PDI with a 2 year warranty which is quite a reasonable cost in this time of $12,000 and up snowmobiles.  The model selection includes the Phazer, Phazer GT and Phazer FX.  The FX has compression and rebound gas shocks.  There is a YZ inspired cockpit and steering and electric start.
       "The sled has been very well received.  Everyone seems quite excited and we have presold several Phazers," states Randy Betts, Sales Manager, North Country Cycle & Sports.  "I like the new design of the Phazer and the light weight at 482 pounds especially with a 4 stroke engine. It  looks like you can maneuver it and have a lot of fun.  It will be good on gas as well.  We have a bit of a short supply because it is a new model as everybody has jumped on the bandwagon but there is availability at North Country Cycle & Sports."
  image    Also sporting the new look is the 2007 Yamaha Venture Multi Purpose.  It has the front end of the Phazer and the steering components based on the VK 540.  It's a multipurpose machine for pleasure and work.
  You have to see the Phazer in person to experience the new technology in place. It really is an amazing sled!

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