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2009 Polaris Sleds Exciting

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2009 Polaris Sleds Exciting


by Scott A. Sumner

    Each year when the fall season arrives many hardcore snowmobiler’s thoughts turn to the the season ahead. Cory Hayward, a 29 years old sales representative for J&J Sports  is excited about the upcoming snowmobile season. “ I enjoy the sport from all aspects- riding to the racing and mechanics. It is part of my life in the winter for sure,” smiled Cory Hayward. “ My main focus will be the 2009 Polaris Snowmobile lineup. For 2009 Polaris have continued on with the IQ chassis but made some minor adjustments to  sort  of perfect it’s handling and overall performance. They slimed up the front end, added a new more durable front bumper and changed the position of the torsion bar a fair amount  to improve cornering. Also there is  a new rear suspension for better anti bottoming. The IQ chassis will be top dog
with the engine a fuel injected 600 putting our 125 ponies which remains the top 600 in the snow belt. It is the ultimate technology sled from Polaris, the 2009 Dragon 600 SP.”

     Also on the 2009 Polaris Dragon 600 SP is set of very aggressive Walker Evans front shocks with remote reservoirs. They use the same Walker Evans remote reservoir shocks on the rear suspension in  both positions so you have compression adjustment and the extra fluid  to help dampening under heavy usage. It is a good mix from the RR consumer race sled from last year but more trail friendly. There is not a consumer  Polaris RR this year because it was more of a air type sled and not  as trail friendly.
    The 2009 Polaris Switchback is a crossover sled for someone who likes trail riding and deep snow. It has the 136 inch track versus the 121 on the Dragon plus the added benefits of electric start and a longer track. “ We have a  Polaris  Shift 550 Fan  for $5999 for a brand new sled in one of the most advanced chassis on the snow. It has about 65 HP. The Shift also comes in a 600 fuel injected version with120 HP  as well as the Switchback and RMK versions. It is a price oriented sled by eliminating graphics and  has gas shocks instead of
remote,” said Hayward. “ You have your long term enthusiast that want the creme de la creme, the best in the sport.  Others are just getting into snowmobiling and can get into something good for a great price with the Shift.”
     Fastest sleds in a straight line in the 2009 Polaris line up include the FST Turbo and Dragon 800. The Dragon 800 has 155 HP. The FST has a boost to 160 HP for a few seconds and then  is detuned to about 140 HP.
    “ Last year wasn’t so bad. I got out a good amount of sleds. It was an average year as to what we have had lately,” said Hayward. “ We are ready to go with all our clothing out and a good portion of our snowmobiles  on display. When the snow falls we will be ready for the
action and glad to help people out.”

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