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2010 Arctic Cat Sleds Feature

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2010 Arctic Cat Sleds Feature New SNO PRO 500

by Scott A. Sumner
     The attractive display of Arctic Cat At Hay Days 2009 featured prominently the new 2010 Arctic Cat SNO PRO 500. The hype around this sled had been huge when it was announced in March. This was an opportunity for the public to see the sled and others up close and
personal which was exciting for me.

 Troy Halvorson, High Performance Product Team Manager and Engineering Arctic Cat

   The Sno Pro 500 is based off the Sno Pro 600 race sled that Arctic Cat has raced for past two seasons but it has  a 500 EFI non power valved engine with 85 HP. Other wise the chassis is exactly the same as the race sled. The only difference in the suspension is there are regular FOX IP shocks in stead of the FOX with revalves and compression rebound etc." It is priced right in line with the Yamaha Phazer or Ski Doo TNT and has gone very well for us sales wise. It is satisfying the market from kids to 40 year olds that want a race sled that they  don’t have to use special race fuel or pre mix the fuel,” said Troy Halvorson, High Performance Product Team Manager and Engineering Arctic Cat. “  With the 500 you get exactly what the race sled is but with pump  87 octane  gas and we have oil injection and EFI  so they don’t have to mess with jetting etc. We didn’t skimp on the overall strength of the sled.”
   This year’s  2010 SNO PRO 600 race sled design focused on the durability issue according to Halvorson. “  We did some things in the tunnel area to beef it up and changed some suspension item components in the rear skid. We have a new exhaust and manifold to give it a little more power, more bottom end. It have been refining it from the year before.

   “ In the F series we saw we wanted more structure in the back end but the opportunity  for more storage. With the plastic box you were kind of limited, so we cleaned it up and now offer a bag on the LXR  where you can fit a gallon of oil and some other stuff.  There is a sew in
pouch you can put your tool back,air pump if you run a SNO PRO and belt. You can fit a light snowmobile cover in the back as well. We wanted to give the  rider who does weekend long trips  more storage,” said Halvorson. “ The 800 engine on the F8 is all new  except for the crankcase itself. The cylinder, pistons etc are all new and horsepower is up 10 to 15%. We are at 150 to 155HP. The 09 engine was 140 to 145 HP. The RPM is up but still has the grunt of the 800 with more acceleration.  The M8 and CFR 800 also have the new motor. We worked hard on all of our sleds .”

   “ The whole industry is down some  in sales but the thing that is great about snomobiliers is they are so diehard.  Even though the economy is down  they still have such  a desire to go out and snowmobile. They just find a way to go out and do it, whether it is keeping their old sleds or putting  on after market parts on. We want people to keep riding and eventually buy new. That will keep the whole industry strong.”

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