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2010 Phazer MTX Fun Sled

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2010 Phazer MTX Fun Sled To Ride

by Scott A. Sumner

  When you are riding snowmobiles in the mountains you are experiencing some of the best the sport has to offer. Recently I was able to test ride a 2010 Phazer MTX  witha four-stroke, 499cc  two cylinder engine complete with Bore & Stroke / mm    77 X 53.6 and  Intake Design of 3 Valves and Digital T.C.I. w/throttle position sensor. Our ride would be off trail at elevation at Zephyr Cove, near Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

  The 2010 Phazer MTX has a really cool look to it with a motorcycle inspired chassis and long track sticking out the back. It makes you feel like you are stepping onto a race sled! The track is 14 in x 144 in x 2.0 in and operates well in deep snow conditions. In fact there had been up to  2 feet of fresh powder on my test ride day in the Lake Tahoe area which created perfect conditions for a mountain sled.
   Yamaha has gone the 4 stroke route in a big way with their entire snowmobile line up and the Phazer MTX works well with its engine source. The electric start gets you going and you feel ergonomically comfortable with your ride position. The sled just feels good to ride and Yamaha has got their set up right. The engine is quite smooth and has good power availability especially for this size of sled. While Yamaha does not publish weights for it’s sleds I feel the Phazer MTX is quite light for a 4 stroke engine. It moved along well and offers a nice experience for the rider. If you want more HP you could go for the 2010 FX Nytro MTX SE 162 but be willing to spend some $5000 more for that sled. Recently I have been thinking that the smaller sleds like the Phazer MTX have a lot to offer a rider. They feel more nimble and provide a sportier ride than some of the larger models. However when you are in the mountains there is no substitute for HP and thats where a sled like the FX Nytro MTX cold come into play.
  My Phazer MTX got me to 9000 feet to a beautiful peak overlooking Lake Tahoe. This sled performed very well in the fresh powder and had no trouble weaving in and around trees in the meadows on the way up. I found keeping my body low to the sled worked best and allowed me to carve well in a route I chose. The Phazer MTX also performed well in the descent down from the peak in powder. The brakes and deep lug track helped with gaining traction and control.
   Overall the  2010 Phazer MTX was a great sled to ride. It ran well and was fun to test ride. I think it offers excellent value for all kinds of riders form the beginner to the expert who enjoys a light maneuverable sled!

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