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2010 Ski Doo Grand Touring

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2010 Ski Doo Grand Touring 1200 Offers

 Cadillac Ride!

by Scott A. Sumner
  It was my pleasure to be able to put over 900 kilometers on the 2010 Ski Doo Grand Touring 1200 recently on some of Quebec’s best trails in the Abitibi Temiscamingue region. This 4 day saddle bag ride allowed me to really get a feel for the sled and come to enjoy what it has to offer.

  When I first saw the 2010 Ski Doo Grand Touring 1200 with it’s  backrest and large chassis REV XR platform I wasn’t sure if I would like the performance. Historically I have ridden lighter, more performance oriented trail sleds. There was something about having to swing your leg over a large back rest to mount the sled that made me wonder. However as soon as I turned on the engine and began my ride I started to enjoy the 2010 Ski Doo Grand Touring 1200! The 1200 cc 4 stroke engine seemed to work very well in this chassis . It was powerful and had lots of acceleration. In fact I was able to spin the track at ease and given my history with high revving 2 stoke sleds I drove the sled in a performance way with lots of engine acceleration. It a word this sled was FUN!
  The large XR platform gives you a very plush ride, perfect for long distance touring. Soon I moved the large backrest from the passenger location to behind me which served as a great place to rest your back. It allowed you to just sit back and enjoy the beautiful Quebec scenary. It really made me feel I was in a luxury sedan like the Cadillac CTS with a racy powerful engine. The HPG with ACS (air spring) gave a plush ride and the heated seats a real treat.
    This is an expensive sled at some $16,000 in Canada but offers so much. If you are a snowmobiler that likes to ride long distances every weekend and perhaps bring along a riding passenger this is a superb sled. You can pile on your pack sack and all you will need is your credit card for your gas, food and hotel room. Just fire up the smooth 1200 4 stroke, flip down your helmet visor and your adventure will begin!

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