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2010 Ski Doo Sleds Refined

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2010 Ski Doo Sleds Offer Refinement

by Scott A. Sumner
    The 2009 Hay Days event at Lino Lakes, MN had some of the snowmobile industry’s biggest players from all manufacturers in attendance. It was fun to hear all about the new line up of sleds for the upcoming 2010 season.
    My first visit at hay Days was to the Ski Doo display where I  talked to Steve Cowing, PR and Media Relations Manager  for Ski Doo snowmobiles. “ This year for 2010 we have the Renegade  which is now a new model line up  by itself. There are the Renegade X, a completely new model, Renegade Backcountry X and regular models. These  are sleds that
are designed for off the trail use as much as on trail. People today want to be able to do both. The Renegade Back Country  is more able to do the off trail riding,” said Steve Cowing. “  The new ETEC engine  produced very, very strong sales numbers for us without a doubt. The 600  ETEC is clean starting, runs with virtually no smell or smoke but the biggest advantage is the gas mileage. It gets upwards of 20 miles per gallon depending on how you ride it, so it has a big cruising range. By the time you are out riding that far most people are looking for a
place to rest.”

  Steve Cowling with  Dominique Godbout Directeur Marketing  Ski Doo

   Snowmobile sales were down last year according to Cowling with Canada up and the US down quite a bit. “ It is hard to predict this year. If the economy turns we feel the snowmobile market will be more stable than most recreational products. Snowmobiling is more of a
lifestyle and  carry a strong following. The last two years we have had good snow and that is one of the magic ingredients for people  to get out and ride their products,” noted Cowing. “  What really is good to note is registrations were up across the whole North American continent and use was up whether they were buying new sleds or not.”
   In snocross  this season Ski Doo  are running mainly one team on the ISOC circuit, Warnert Racing with 7 strong very capable riders. Pro Steve Taylor, a very strong disciplined rider  will  anchor the team. Tim Trembley got pumped up by ISOC because he won the  Semi Pro  Open class in 2009. They also will have Christian Salemark on the team this year. “  If we are selling a lot of snowmobiles we can put a lot of people out on the race track . In tougher times we are have to look at where we spend your marketing dollars. Ski Doo has racing in our genes and ISOC is the premier snocross racing circuit so we will be there,” said Cowing. “ The  2010 race sled has been announced with refinements. Last year was a big jump in durability while  this year is a big jump in refinement and tuning. Suspensions on both front and rear  has changed drastically. The steering  post has moved forward two inches.  We have revalved shocks all around and have worked on our ACU calibration for holeshots  with carburetion changes. It is a brand new track this year  which is significantly lighter. If you look at the snowmobile you won’t see a lot different but the  changes are significant under the
hood. The racers will get the sleds about November 1st. The cost of getting a prototype here to Haydays becomes prohibitively high so we had to back off on some of that this year.”

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