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2010 Yamaha Snowmobiles All 4

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2010 Yamaha Snowmobiles All 4 Stroke Power

by Scott A. Sumner
   The bright blue display of Yamaha snowmobiles was prominent beside the famous Hay Days drag track.You couldn’t miss it and  were able to learn a lot about what to expect from Yamaha for 2010. New for 2010  for the trail rider is a fuel injected RS Vector  with 126 HP  and a lot of mid range torque. It is very crisp and responsive  and has the new Monoshock R2A suspension  with a remote adjust dial so is very comfortable.  Customers can adjust the rebound damping and give a plush ride. It will stiffen up with  on a rough trail according to Wade West  Yamaha Snowmobile Marketing Manager for the US based in WI. “ We are a completely 4 stroke lineup for the US market and  I am very proud of that.  Yamaha is leading the industry in 4 strokes since we rolled out the RX 1 in 2003. Since the RX 1 we have evolved,  expanded and gone into all new engines projects, all new chassis's and really capitalized on our intial success with  the RX1. The newer motors are spinning at  higher RPM so we don’t need engine reduction.  It is more like a 2 stroke and doesn’t engine break as it did in the beginning.”

Wade West  Yamaha Snowmobile Marketing Manager

   “ For 2010 the Phazer model returns.  It is a very popular sled,  a very easy sled to ride with all the 4 stroke advantages such as low fuel consumption  and not burning 2 stroke oil. It is a great way to learn and has a lot of spunk to it. It is only rated at 80 HP  but it  has got a good amount of performance. It is good segment , the introductory class. There is a race class for it in cross county for the Phazer. We have been so successfull  that other companies are
getting into the segment. We are aiming at  a younger demographic with a good price and full features," said West. “ 4 stroke is right now. Down the road I think more and more snowmobiles will have 4 stroke power. The good news is the Yamaha customer doesn’t have to wait for the future . They can get on a 4 stroke today and ride this winter.”
  “  I spend a lot of time on the snow with dealers, consumers  and with media so I put  miles and miles on every one of these models. I really enjoy the sport,  getting out in the woods on the snow it is so peaceful and quiet. There are not many people out and not many people
see what we see as snowmobilers. It changes the perspective of winter,” said West. “ I think the industry is posed to make a rebound and advance. The great thing about snowmobiler’s rather than any other business  is they use snowmobiling as self identity. When you meet
someone and start talking you say are you a snowmobiler not do you ride. I am a snowmobiler. They are wearing  their riding suit to church. It is a lifestyle. They are passionate enthusiasts.We are very confidant in the future of the industry.”

 Iain Hayden, Yamaha Pro Rider in ISOC Snocross racing

   This year Yamaha will focus on one Pro Rider in ISOC Snocross racing, Iain Hayden. “ My goal is to pick up where we left off last year. We got into the finals and the last 4 races were all top 5 and 3 on the podium so we had some success.  We are not changing a lot  on this years sled but are refining,” said Iain Hayden. “  It is nice to go into something knowing we have had some success. At the beggining of last year I was the new guy here at Yamaha. As the season progressed I took my time and didn’t over step my bounds. By the end of the year I enjoyed riding it, genuinely believed in it and was confident in the sled. I am starting to get confident and believe in the sled. I am on my own in the trailer this year so we can focus on what I want in a snowmobile so it is going to be good”
    “  .All summer I keep working out. My trainer Drew  did give me a couple weeks off for my wedding in May. I do 2 hours per day of fitness and sometimes more. I  do enjoy maintaining my fitness level though, genuinely enjoy it. I have been involved with a motocross facility
called MOTO Park for years, teaching just south of Owen Sound. We also opened up a paint ball facility. I have a guy running it but it keeps be busy getting everything organized,  traveling from Sudbury my home town to Owen Sound," smiled Hayden. “ The  race sleds are being built now and we are ahead of the game. We will show up at  the Scheuring track a few weeks ahead of Duluth, get a couple good shakedowns on the sleds and get going. It will be good.”
   Iain Hayden was a team mate of Blair Morgan before moving to Yamaha and keeps in touch with the injured superstar of the snocross sport. “ He sounds good and has been doing stuff at home, getting thing retrofitted. He has a  Yamaha Rhino ripping around and snowmobiles in the winter. He is not sitting around by any stretch.  If he is inside he may be online playing video games.” laughed Iain.

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