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2011 Snowarama For Easter Seal

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2011 Snowarama For Easter Seals Kids Crosses Borders

by Scott A. Sumner
  The eight annual Snowarama for Easter Seals Kids   will be held at Grand Portage Lodge and Casino February 5th 2011. This exciting event has raised over $173,000 in the past years and kicks off the fundraising of 2011 for Easter Seals Kids.
    “ It helps us help more kids by purchasing more mobility equipment and send more kids to camp.   New this year is you can visit our web site at and download a pledge sheet and also pledge a rider on line.  For example you can ask grandma in BC to pledge. It
makes it me interactive and easier for people to register. You can also register at Grand Portage on Friday evening or Saturday morning,” said Rhonda Harrison, Senior Development Officer of Easter Seals. “ There are two rides this year- a short ride and long ride. If you take the long ride you need to buy a Minnesota permit for $16. The local ride on the Grand Portage property has no permit required. The short ride has a bon fire and you can stop for a hot dog. There is also a spaghetti dinner that evening and dance featuring the live band hackshakers from Duluth. You can also enjoy the amenities at Grand Portage like the pool and sauna.”

     “ Grand Portage has been the presenting sponsor for 8 years. This year the event is on February 5th which is Super bowl weekend. We will have other promotions on the weekend. On Friday night people can register and there will be Karaoke in the lounge. Saturday is the
Snowarama event with super and a dance. Sunday we have the Super bowl Game broadcast in our Bingo Hall. There are still rooms available for that weekend,” said Frank Vecchio, Grand Portage Marketing Manager. “ The snow conditions are great. All the trails have been groomed.  We are on top of it constantly. The short run will be in the Grand Portage ommunity and the long run to the trail centre  (60 miles or 120 miles). We are happy with the situation.”

     To be a participant at Snowarama you need a minimum pledge of $100 and for every $88 over that amount you get a ballot for a chance to win a $2500 gift certificate that can be redeemed at one of the snowmobile stores in Thunder Bay or Duluth.

    “ We are happy to support anything to do with Easter Seals Fundraising. This year you can win a gift certificate for $2500, a wonderful prize and we hope it gets redeemed here at J & J Sports,” smiles Gerry Witiluk, Owner/ Manager of J & J Sports in Thunder Bay. “ This year has been a good year for sled sales. We have a reasonable amount of snow in the area and that probably is the most important ingredient in snowmobiling. I hope everybody has a safe ride and the event is successful and carrys on in the future. Frank and Grand Portage’s support of the event is very good.”

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