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2012 Sleds Offer Many Exciting

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2012 Sleds Offer Many Exciting Choices

by Scott A. Sumner

New From Polaris

Cory Hayward of J&J Sports, Thunder Bay
“ Polaris has taken the Pro Ride chassis and extended it to the majority of the line up. The new chassis and suspension has been placed in the new Switchback with a 136-inch track with the progressive rate rear suspension. I think they have done a really good job there. This
chassis is also in the RMK line up and I was happy to see that. It is lighter, stronger and a good looking sled. In my opinion I think Polaris are back on top. They have always been a leader with the chassis in the past years. The Pro Ride is dominant. I rode it last year and liked it quite a bit. The rear suspension is really rider active like a bike. You get back on the rear of the seat and the skis lighten and rider forward means more control on the ice. It is rider reactive and quite nice.”

“ The 600cc mill at 125 HP is good. The engine has seen slight improvements for quite awhile. The 600cc class means you beat the higher insurance costs, have good power and it is in a good price range.”

“ The key thing this year is the expansion  of the Pro Ride. It needs to be set up for the weight of the rider and is more of a fine tuned suspension but that it is the stage of the game we are at today. When the suspension is dialed in it is unbelievable. It gives you a full 14 inches of progressive rate rear suspension. You can gain 30% more travel and it transfers weight unreal. You can adjust the track and ski pressure.” Last year was pretty good snow and we hope for a good snow year this season.”

New From Arctic Cat

Jason Johnstone of Smith’s RV Centre, Thunder Bay
“ It is a very exciting year at Arctic Cat with the new Pro Cross and Pro Climb chassis. They have revamped their chassis more in line with the racing chassis of the past and is designed for better performance on the trails. The weight has been reduced especially in the 4 stroke
series. The power to weight ratio is now similar to the old Firecat series, which was top notch and winning a lot of races. They have incorporated a better riding chassis to go along with the HP they have had. This year is the 50th anniversary of Arctic Cat. Many NW Ontario riders have switched over to Arctic Cat this year because the new sled looks phenomenal. It is not the run of the mill sled they have had in the past but to me is the best looking sled out there now. The new chassis means you won’t have to work as hard to move the machine around and can make turns at higher speed if that is what you choose to do.”

“ There has been a big demand for our sleds and many riders are choosing the XF chassis, which has a longer track that can be used both on and off trail. There are only a couple left for the year and that is usually not the case in October. We have been trying to get more of
some models like the Turbo 4 stroke but they are sold out for the year. The way it worked best was early order. At that time Arctic Cat was offering an extra $1000 off and that is gone.  We had our highest snow check numbers in more than a decade and the machines we do have are selling fast. We are going to have a really good year and if we get some snow it will be a fantastic year.

 2012 Yamaha Snowmobiles
Randy Neufeld of North Country Cycle & Sports
Electric Power Steering is the big news  for 2012. Yamaha was the first to come out with electric power steering on their ATV’s a few years ago   and now they are the first to have it on their snowmobiles for 2012. This is the 10th year anniversary of 4 strokes from Yamaha who were the first in 2003 to launch 4 trokes in snowmobiles. They are a leader in reliability, fuel economy, low cost of operation, ease of operation and low emmisions. The prices are a little bit higher than 2 strokes but the cost of operation is lower in the long run with less maintenance and no oil to ad. The machines just last that much longer as well. Your
overall operation cost of the sled may be less.
  The power steering for snowmobiles is the same same approach as a lot of the automotive manufacturers use, an electric motor that adds power to your steering assist controlled by a computer. As speed goes up you don’t need as much power steering assistance. I got to ride a prototype 2012 Yamaha with powered steering last spring when they introduced them
we had one at the dealership for a day. On a bigger touring sled it feels like riding a smaller sled due to the steering effort being so low. I can see power steering in the snowmobile industry across all the brands like it was in ATV’s. It does not add a lot of weight to  the
2012 Polaris Snowmobiles.
Polaris have expanded the Pro Ride Chassis to the 136 inch track in their Switchback line. They have also made some minor adjustments to the set up and it works really well. The nice thing with Pro Ride is it is tuneable and adjustable to the terrain you will be riding and the
weight of the rider. They have clicker shocks you can adjust on the front and a way to soften the rear suspension with no tools, just by turning a knob.
On the RMK series they have changed the front suspension to the RUSH style but the rear is the same approach as before on the RMK.The motors remains the same for 2012. The 600 has been tried and true and very strong. The 800 had all the bugs  worked out last year and
will be a strong motor for this year. Polaris has taken a lot of things that have worked well for them and improved the line up.Polaris is the most competitive price wise in the industry. They have been the first to adjust for the currency exchange and make the US and Canadian pricing virtually the same.



San Diego, California, February 23, 2011 – BRP reveals its 2012 Ski-Doo snowmobile line-up, raising the bar on product innovation and market-shaping technology introductions. Launched to an audience composed of North American, Russian, Japanese and Chinese dealers, the new line-up promises to excite consumers with new models and a full
array of state-of-the-art features, all designed to please a broad owner base and new entrants to the sport of snowmobiling.

“BRP’s focus on the consumer experience is at the core of the 2012 Ski-Doo line-up,” stated Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager for the North America division. “The success of our more recent introductions has laid the foundation and provided the opportunity to refine a line-up that will continue to reshape the industry and attract newcomers to snowmobiling.”

rMotion Rear Suspension – unmatched technology
The leading news at this year’s annual dealer meeting is the introduction of the rMotion rear suspension, delivering new levels of comfort, capability, and exclusive means of customizing the ride. The new system features a progressive motion ratio rear shock, the most travel in the industry, a wide performance window, easy adjustability and controlled transfer. An optional Quick Adjust system puts the preload and compression damping controls on the running boards for even faster, more precise fine-tuning. These benefits deliver an easy
customization for the ultimate personal ride experience. The all-new rMotion suspension will be available on the Ski Doo MX Z X-RS and MX Z X models for 2012.

“The 2012 line-up caps off a decade of innovative product introductions,” declared Chris Dawson, vice-president and general manager for the International division. “BRP is enhancing the consumer value proposition around the globe and this new line-up will unlock the potential for our selling networks to capitalize on the industry rebound.”

Summit Freeride Offering Expands
On the heels of the 2011 introduction of the Summit Freeride model, BRP adds to this emerging free style riding market by offering new models with three different track length packages: 154”, 146” and 137” (392, 371, and 348 cm); all featuring the proven REV-XP RS chassis, KYB Pro 40 shocks and plenty of trick features for extreme freeriders.

Super Wide Track lands on REV-XU Platform
In the utility segment, where BRP has the most complete offering in the industry, the Ski-Doo Skandic SWT sled moves to the REV-XU platform, making the 2012 Ski-Doo snowmobiles 100% built on the REV-X platform. The new Skandic SWT model boasts a monster 156 x 24 inch track (391 x 61 cm), six percent more fuel capacity and 52 fewer pounds (24 kg) –
not to mention all the benefits of the modern platform such as sleek styling and flexible riding position.

GSX Platform Adds Expanded Engine Offerings
Since both the Ski-Doo GSX SE and GSX LE models are built on the REV-X platform, they are easy to drive and even easier to secure a comfortable riding position. New for 2012, BRP is offering a choice of three engine options with the Ski-Doo GSX SE model: the 4-TEC 1200,
E-TEC 600 H.O. and the E-TEC 800R engines. The  REV-X platform, coupled with the premium Rotax engines, ensures a satisfying ride every time.

Engine Offerings Grow in 2012 Line-up
BRP's Ski-Doo brand continues to lead the industry with the broadest selection of power options – all state-of-the-art technologies meeting and exceeding today’s environmentally friendly standards. This new model year expands the offering of the successful Rotax E-TEC 800R, the lightweight E-TEC 600 H.O. and the wildly successful 600 ACE (Advanced
Combustion Efficiency) engines; still the industry's best fuel economy at *29 mpg (8 L/100 km) and range of 310 miles or 500 kilometers. Many Ski-Doo snowmobile models now offer expanded use of these cleaner technologies and more fuel-efficient engines, including the Ski-Doo GSX SE, Tundra and Expedition models.

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