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2013 Yamaha Snowmobiles

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2013 Yamaha Snowmobiles Continue to Improve


by Scott A Sumner

   “ For 2013 Yamaha snowmobiles the biggest thing is we added a 1 3/4 inch Nytro XTX for the trail rider that likes to go off trail a little bit and you can add that bit of capability. It is considered a rough trail sled, made to go through the bumps,” said Eric Josephsen, Yamaha US snowmobile Division, Consumer Promotions, Marketing Coordinator and Race Manager - wearing 3 hats. “ Our 2013 line up is well developed. We have the Phazer lineup, which is an 80HP machine and a fun little little buggy. The Vector is a great trail sled and probably the most under rated sled in the industry. We have EPS ( electric power steering) on it with 123 HP so lots of get up and go. The staple of our line up is the Apex with 160 HP 4 stroke and it has EPS as well. The EPS has been very well received especially with the high mileage guys that might crank out 200 to 400 miles in a day. Your shoulder and back feel great after riding all day with EPS.”

  In 2013 Yamaha has dropped the Bravo from their line up. “ The Bravo is a great machine but was two stroke and the emissions made it go away. Emissions are a huge challenge and that is why Yamaha decides to go 4 stroke back in 2002 with the RX1 and since 2006 exclusively 4 stroke. Our strong point is Yamaha makes a well built sled with durability reliability and fit,” said Josephsen. “ Oil Change and gas is all you need. The 4 stroke is the wave of the future. The emissions will continue to get tighter and tighter and we are miles ahead in that area. Weight reduction has happened with Yamaha using magnesium and the technology we have at Yamaha with a huge engineering staff. We took a couple seasons off to prepare for racing. We don’t think snocross makes sense for us but  have had good success in cross country and hill climb.”

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