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2014 Arctic Cat Sled 2 Stroke

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2014 Arctic Cat Sled Will Feature First Ever 2 Stroke Engine Built In House


by Scott A. Sumner

   The big news from Arctic Cat in 2014 is they will produce their first direct injected 2  stroke motor with less weight, cleaner burning and more horsepower than a comparable sized 4 stroke. It will compete directly against the very successful Ski Doo ETEC engines.


   The engine will be built in St Cloud, MN along side the 4 stroke ATV engines they have manufactured in house for several years now. Previously the engines were made by Suzuki,” said Jason Johnstone, President of Smith’s RV Centre and co owner with Brad Johnstone. “ It will be neat to see the new 600 motor on the snow. In their test 600 motors they were putting on upwards of 80,000 miles and that is pretty intense. I believe the motor will perform well.”

      In 2014 Arctic Cat has also teamed up with Yamaha and their 4 stroke engines which will be placed in the Arctic Cat Procross chassis.    “ Yamaha had always been praised for their 4 stroke technology so with Arctic Cat’s strong chassis it will be a nice combination. Arctic will be providing the chassis for Yamaha as well for their own new branded sled, the Viper. We have presold some of these sleds. The availability this season will be quite limited.” said Jason Johnstone.

    According to Johnstone the crossover segment is by far the most popular segment in our area, Northwestern Ontario, but not necessarily in all areas. “ The biggest thing is the type of snowmobilers we have and the availability of trails. People are making their own trails so the crossover sled is popular,”said Johnstone.

   “  We always hope for a good year in sled sales. Much of our sales are weather driven. Last year we didn’t have our first real snow to near the end of January, which is pretty late for Thunder Bay. This industry is very reliant on snow. If the weather is good we get good sales. We had many carryover of 2013 Arctic Cat sleds but have had a good start to the year due to some pretty good programs. We have sold out of some models which is good.” said Johnstone.

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