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2014 Polaris Snowmobiles

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2014 Polaris Snowmobiles Continue To Develop


by Scott A. Sumner

    In 2014 Polaris is growing a lot of the models they have worked on in the last few years, according to Randy Neufeld, GM for North Country Cycle & Sports in Thunder Bay.


   “ The Switchback was introduced last year with the RUSH style rear suspension in a 136 inch track. They also have the Switchback Assault, our best selling sled last year in a 600 as well as 800 version. They have expanded what has been successful,”said Neufeld. “  The Indy line, an entry level sled for those who don’t want the cutting edge has been expanded as well. It is available in performance and utility versions, in 550, 600 and 800 engine versions. They have the same front suspension with the traditional style rear skid”

    “ I believe it is going to be a good year for Polaris. The crossover segment has been very popular. The rider that does a lot of trial riding and some off trail can go with the PRO R while the person who does more off trail riding could go for the Switchback Assault with the deeper lug,” said Neufeld. “  We see more people riding off trail due to a lack of trail system in NW Ontario that is extensive and closer to the urban area. More riders are looking for the 144-inch track. They make there own trails and we have great areas for that.”

    Snowmobile sales were excellent for North Country Cycle & Sports last year. “  We had a really good year with very few left over’s so have fresh stock in the showroom.”

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