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2014 Yamaha Sled Collaborative

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2014 Yamaha Sled A Collaborative Effort


by Scott A. Sumner

The big news from Yamaha for 2014 is Yamaha and Arctic Cat getting together and on a sled, the SRX Viper. The innovative sled will feature a Yamaha 4 stroke motor in the Arctic Cat Procross chassis.


   “ The Procross chassis was ahead of where Yamaha was on some of their sleds so it was a good mix. They have co produced the SRX Viper with the Arctic Cat chassis and the Yamaha motor. The Viper name has come back,” said Randy Neufeld, GM for North Country Cycle & Sports in Thunder Bay. “  The sled uses the proven high performance Genesis 4 stroke engine that had been around for awhile and gotten better each year. The main difference between the Arctic Cat and Yamaha sleds with this engine is the clutching. Yamaha was not willing to give up their clutching on the Genesis engine so it gives them an edge I believe. They have had no problems with belt deflection.”

   The 4 stroke motors will be made by Yamaha and shipped to Thief River Falls, MN and the sled assembled there. “ It gives Yamaha a nice performing chassis for their very reliable motor. I rode the sled at the Yamaha dealer meetings in Minneapolis last spring and the sled rides nice. It definitely has some good acceleration. We did some short runs there and it was great.” said Neufeld.

   The remaining Yamaha sleds for 2014 will have some updates to create a good strong lineup. Yamaha has committed to producing a few new models each year and have a long term forecast to get back in the market in a big way according to Neufeld. There is no doubt this huge international company has the financial resources to accomplish a lot in the snowmobile segment.

In 2014 Yamaha also has the Phazer, Vector, Nytro and Utility models. There are different configurations in each model for the trail, crossover and mountain enthusiast.

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