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250 Mile Day Trip

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Our 250 Mile Ride to Ignace, Ontario on the OFSC Trail System

By Scott A. Sumner

    The day began with an early morning wake up alarm at 6:30 am in my condo at Thunder Bay, Ontario.  After a quick breakfast etc. it was off to meet Peter from snowmobiling at my snowmobile storage site in Murillo some 20 minutes west of Thunder Bay.  We loaded up the 2005 F7 adjacent to his 2005 Rage and it was off to Shabaqua to meet the rest of the group.  They included brothers Derrick and Marcel, both auto mechanics, Donald a MBA government manager and Angie and Jimmy, husband and wife snowmobilers.
Derrick likes to tinker and the hood was up on his ZRT quite often.

Some quick greetings later we were on the A trail to Upsala.  This trail has always been fun for me as it is very straight and smooth.  You follow a pipeline and can achieve some good speed if you want.  It is actually quite an excilerating stretch of trail.  Things went well until a sudden dip created some wrist soreness for me and some others.  Part of the snowmobiling game I suppose, but as my dad would have said to me - self inflicted.  It was off again to Upsala for a hot chocolate, butter tart and gas.

Angie drove all 250 miles very well on her Yamaha.

  It was 11:30 am then and we would have our lunch at the Northwoods Motor Inn in Ignace in about an hour.  The hour turned into three and we made it by 2:30pm.  There was some pipeline work going on that created low snow conditions.  Some 125 miles we had put on to date and it was time for some lunch, more gas and oil if you had it.  I was concerned because I didn't have APV oil with me and I knew my light would be coming on soon.  At about 3:30 we left to return and found some better ways to traverse the long road areas that were bare of snow.  My oil light was on all the time now and I was happy to make it back to Upsala and find a litre of synthetic Shell oil good for APV.  Derrick, whoose regular sled an RX 1 was in his shop for repairs was riding his Arctic Cat ZRT 800 triple and he was losing RPM's fast.  He decided to stay in Upsala rather than try the remaining 55 miles to Shabaqua.  His brother would drive back in the truck complete with 4 place enclosed Floe trailer and pick him up.

We met 4 police officers on the trail.They had a long day as well!

Our trip continued on and in the dark we made it back to the trailer launching site by 8:30pm at the Timberland Motel.  It had been 250 miles of beautiful riding with great snow conditions and sunny weather.  This is snowmobiling at it's finest and you should get out this way and try the trail system out for yourselves!

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