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Ad Boivan Has a Unique Sled

By Scott A. Sumner

There has been much interest in a company from Quebec that is manufacturing a new concept in snowmobiling, AD Boivin.  The Snow Hawk came about as a take off of the suspension the company sold.  It is a single swinging arm suspension.  "We went for a visit at RedLine and they had our expert x suspension on the table," said Boivin.  "We are located in Levi, Quebec, right on the south shore from Quebec City.  There are 3 engineers with Danny Boivin the owner, 15 people on the assembly line an acountant and marketing director."
  image   " There are 4 stations on the assembly line.  We build one unit per person per day, so in full production we build about 250 vehicles per year and that only lasts for about 4 months," states the engineer from Boivin.  "We do have dealers and sell direct to people who dont have contact with them.  The cost of the new 600 HO liquid cooled sled is $11,900 for the short track version and $12,500 for the long track."
   The AD Boivin Sno Hawk has the highest horsepower to weight ratio in the snowmobile industry and offers a ride more like a motocross bike.  The sled is extremely agile and has a tremendous low end torque so its power is available right from the start.  A look at their promotional video makes you want to try this sled out especially in powder snow conditions.

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