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An amazing ride on the RUSH!

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An amazing ride on the 2010 Polaris RUSH!

by Scott A. Sumner
It was an amazing afternoon when Randy Neufeld, General Manager of North Country Cycle & Sports and I were able to ride the much talked about 2010 Polaris RUSH. This sled features a radical new rear uspension and has won Snowmobile of the Year in SnoGoer magazine.
"The 2010 Polaris RUSH is a game changer. The whole rear suspension and chassis are totally redone. The engine is set in the machine to give a good center of gravity. The main feature of this machine is the new rear suspension which can go through so many adjustments." said Randy Neufeld. "From my riding experience you can adjust the sled’s
suspension no matter what size of rider, without having to have the shocks revalved or different springs put on. The first thing you do when you get on the sled is adjust the rear shock with a little gauge from the tool kit. You can set it specifically to the rider’s weight.
Being a 200 pound rider myself, I can adjust specifically for me. You can also adjust the ski pressure. It has clicker shocks so depending on how you ride you can just dial it in. You can stiffen it up for ditch riding and soften it up for trail riding. It gives you infinite adjustments."
" The feel of the sled is unbelievable. It is very comfortable and very natural to ride. It doesn’t feel like you are in an awkward position. Ergonomically, they have done a great job. It has the 600 cc cleanfire engine which has proven to be a very reliable engine for Polaris," said Neufeld. “ In 2011, they have just announced that there will be an 800 RUSH. The key is to spend some time dialing in the suspension as it will provide the best ride for you that way. There is a huge difference between riding the RUSH and other sleds. " t was exciting for me to ride the Rush sled with Randy. I think everyone  should just try out this sled to experience the quality of the ride. It felt very stable on the snow to me, almost glued to it! The Rush seemed to hold the line very well. You just pointed it and it launched off the line. The 600 engine was very strong and allowed for as much speed as  you probably would need. Even on the bumps the RUSH felt good. It had  the same smooth ride as on straight smooth sections. Overall I was very impressed with the 2010 Polaris RUSH.

You can check out or find them on Facebook for all kinds of specials on sleds including the RUSH. You can take  advantage of these specials now or place a spring order for next year’s sled. Riding the RUSH was great! I wish to express my sincere thanks to Randy and North Country for the opportunity to preview this great machine.

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