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Arctic Cat Semi Pro Racer Dan

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Arctic Cat Semi Pro Racer Dan Ebert

by Scott A. Sumner
   Dan Ebert, son of Arctic Cat race team mananger Russ Ebert had a tremendous season last year winning the WPSA Semi Pro Open class on his Arctic Cat race sled.  He may have also won the Semi Pro stock class as well but  had two injuries, one at the winter X games where he broke 2 ribs on the left side and one in Canterbury where he broke a rib on the
right side.  “ I was injury prone. It was a struggle last year but I had to tough it out, hunker down and get the job done,” smiled the 19 year old who started snowmobiling on a Kitty Cat and is now enrolled in Central Lakes College at Brainerd, MN.  “ I would like to do an
engineering degree eventually. In the summer  I race stock cars and dirt bikes as well. For now I really like snocross and a close second is race cars. Eventually I would like to make a career out of car racing  in NASCAR. Our family was brought up with full bodied cars.”

   image “ A lot of engineering work went into the new SnoPro sled with Roger Skime, Brian Dick and everyone at Arctic Cat. With every new project you will have a few hic cups but all in all I know it will be as good or better a snowmobile than what we had. I have done a little bit of
riding time this fall and some last year with an early protype sled,” noted Semi Pro Ebert. “ To me the big difference between pros and semi pros is the consistency. Pros can put together 12 or 15 laps perfect  with no bobbles whereas a Semi Pro  can put up some fast laps almost as good as some Pros but they are inconsistent . You can have a good lap
and then not so good. It is to do with  physical and mental conditioning and experience. They know what they are looking for. I would like to be a Pro some day if my skill levels improve.”
Who does Dan Ebert  look up to in the snocross sport?
   “ Tucker Hibbert is hands down unbelievable. I never met a kid like him in all my life. He is fast on anything and so dedicated. If he sets out to do something he is going to do it and be really good at it.”
Does Dan ever think about injury in the sport?
  “  You can’t think about injury. In every racers mind there is a little bit of concern but you can’t ever think about it because you have to take care of the job at hand. Injury is a part of life. You
could get hurt in a car on the way home. It is something that is there and you have to take into consideration but you can’t fret over it. I think WPSA is doing a pretty good job.”

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