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Atikokan Sno Ho’s and TBAT

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Atikokan Sno Ho’s and Thunder Bay Adventure Trail Members Ride for George Jeffrey Children’s Centre

by Scott A. Sumner
    It was a great day of riding snowmobiles. The weather was  beautiful and the company even better. It was my pleasure to  snowmobile some 100 miles to the Kashabowie Store on the Thunder Bay  Adventure Trails system to meet up with the Atikokan Sno Ho Club  riders. They  would continue back with us to Thunder Bay and Kakabeka  where they would stay over night and then return the next day to  Atikokan. The goal of the ride was to raise money for the new George  Jeffrey’s Treatment Centre in Thunder Bay.

    There were about 10 riders from Thunder Bay and 10 from Atikokan  who met up for a beautiful chili and hot dog lunch at the Kash Stop  in Kashabowie. Owner Sandra Fagen had this great lunch as well as  available gas for the  avid riders from two NW Ontario nowmobile  clubs. The trails from our Kakabeka start point to Kasabowie were  just excellent. Freshly groomed after some 25 cm of snow earlier in  the week it was really a treat to make the trip.  It had been several  years since I had been on these trails and it reminded me of how  beautiful the area really is, with rolling terrain and great vistas.  This is a trail you must ride!

Kim Cross, President of Atikokan Sno Ho's, Bob Speer of George Jeffrey and Bob Slusar , board member of TBAT

 We began our way back to Kakabeka, now as a group of 20 riders in  warming conditions. The snow was still great and the comradery of  stops and talks on the way back fun. We arrived at the Kakabeka Hotel  around 6 pm and were ready for a beautiful dinner put on by Marlis  and her staff. This buffet was exceptional and really enjoyed by the  enthusiastic riders. It was fun to hear a presentation about George Jeffrey’s by Chairman and soon  to be President, Bob Speer. His  passion for  helping the children was evident to all. The ride 
raised $1020 for George Jeffrey’s and  we  can expect bigger and better things  next year according to Kim Cross, President of the Atikokan Sno Ho  Club.  In 2010 ook for a three day ride to Atikokan and  the White Otter  Castle. It was a fun day and be sure to get involved next year if you can!

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