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Big Year With Arctic Cat

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Smith’s RV Centre Looks For Another Big Year With Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

by Scott A. Sumner
  The snow conditions have been good enough for great snowmobile sales at Smith’s RV Centre in Thunder Bay. In fact they have changed their marketing approach to offer a new sled for almost every budget. “ Last year we had a steady year as we took a different marketing approach. We came to realize snowmobiles don’t get less expensive each year so we have taken to securing non current sleds with warranty that  opens up the market.We  now have new sleds from $5500 to $15,000. It allows us to cater to  a lot of people with a lot of different budgets and gives a lot of people the chance to own something new,” smiles
Elvin Sawatzky, Sales Consultant Smith’s RV Centre Thunder Bay. “  There is a steadfast and loyal following back to the Firecat chassis and then those that want new and latest greatest technology so they can be on top of everything going on in the industry. So that is why we
have a new snowmobile for everybody. I would say we have 100 sleds in stock at the moment.  You can pick up a brand new Firecat for $7500 and have a really nice snowmobile.”

    New for 2009 at Arctic Cat in the the F Series models are graphics and changes to the ride ergonomics with the chassis tipped.  “ It is like sitting on a motorcycle- your arms are straight, your knees bent at a 90 degree angle and it is the most prevelant when the seat is in
the full forward position. The seat is a little narrower  as well with the tunnel stirrups improved,” noted Sawatzky. “The reverse is the  now same as  with other manufacturers. It reverses the engine by slowing it down  and refires it so it runs backwards. This creates a weight loss of 8 pounds with this system versus the mechanical system of last year . The Sno Pro  models has floating Fox Shocks which is tremendous for handling.”
    New on the the  2009 Cross Fire 8 is telescopic handlebars which negates the needs for risers. “ We have sold 2 of the new Crossfire 8’s, a machine already built to a high level of rigidity, right out of the showroom early in September. The Crossfire has a R version which is
really similar to the F 7 of a few years ago. The 800 version  is 145 HP right of the box. The Snopro version has Fox Shocks. Arctic Cat is using more white on their sleds which is a unique look,” said Sawatzky. “  The Bearcat has turned into a different machine with the F series chassis this year. That will improve the ride quality a lot. I have a Z1Turbo with the copper colour coming in for a customer.  It is said to have 177 Hp out of the box and with a twin four stroke. There is available bolt on power that could increase HP quite a bit on that sled eg Nitros Oxide. It could be 200 Hp plus.”

    “ Arctic Cat has a focus on electronic fuel injection which has set them apart in my opinion. You don’t have to mess with the snowmobile. It is good in any weather from -20c  to +10c. EFI has a better, cleaner burn with better mileage and you are using more of your fuel because it
is more efficient. It just works better, noted Sawatzky. “  We had a great year last year and I am looking forward to another stellar year. The snow came early and stayed last winter. We didn’t necessarily get a lot of snow  but everyone could ride.”

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