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Blair Morgan Team Manager

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Blair Morgan Team Manager Jamie Anseew

By Scott A. Sumner
  Jamie Anseew was a cross country and ice lemans racer.  The Oak Bluff Manitoba resident had an accident on March 27 of 1999.  "It was in Calgary in a Pro Vet race.  It was a snocross course on a ski hill early in the morning.  It had been 50 degrees the day before and  the track was pretty frozen," says Jamie Anseew.  "I just made a little mistake, on a little double, fell off and sustained a pretty serious injury because of it."  Anseew suffered a spinal cord injury and became a parapeligic.  "I do a lot of fitness.  I have may own hand controlled vehicle.  It gives me freedom, other wise I fly if the site is too far away.  I try to hook up with Blair in an airport and catch a ride with him to the race site," says the 45 year old Anseew. 
    "It's been 4 1/2 years since the accident  At the time I was racing manager for Arctic Cat in Canada.  I was managing Blair and Carl and Earl Reimer.  A couple years ago, Blair asked me if I would come along and manage his private team, so I quit my job at Arctic Cat and went to work with Blair," Says Anseew.  "Snowmobiling is my life, my full time occupation.  The injury to a certain extent has meant that  I have a lot more electronics on the sleds.  I used to ride them all myself and do the calibrations.  Now I use the electronics to get feed back for the mechanics.  There are more people working for me now.  I can't do much of the physical aspects anymore."  Anseew looks after all the logistics of the Balir Morgan Team.  "I ride snowmobiles on occasion.  We are pretty busy travelling all the time.  Snowmobiles are extremely hand controlled friendly.  They are kind of a natural," says Anseew.  "I think it has caused me to be more focussed and probably accomplish more.  Before I'd be out riding or testing a sled and maybe not paying enough attention to the management aspects of the team.  It gives me more time to focus by making sure everything is in place, ready for the team and running smooth."  Last year the Blair Morgan Team was very sucessfull, winning almost everything.  "Everyone on this team works hard.  Our hard work payed off last year," states Anseew.  "Blair and I have a partner, Wayne Madsen.  He is our business manager and  takes the business negotiation aspect away from Blair and I.  It lets us concentrate on management and racing."
      The sport of snocross has grown.  "It was growing quite rapidly when I was with Arctic Cat and it has continued to grow.  It is a vibrant, colourful,  exciting sport.  I think it is growing because there is real good entertainment value for the spectators," says Anseew.  What makes Blair Morgan so good?  "Blair has things inside him that are different than everyone else.  He's really good at making decisions on the track.  He is a very gifted athlete.  He is very focussed and has a huge desire to win.  His competitive spirit is very strong, mixed with his intelligence and talent it has given him some good results," says Jamie.  "Earl Reimer is new to our team for this year.  He was on the Arctic Cart team with Blair and Carl.  Earl stayed with Arctic Cat for two more years when we left  for Ski Doo. I think he is riding out  there with some renewed vigour.  He likes the sleds and the team.  He is happy."

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