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C J Ramstad Missed in Canada!

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C J Ramstad Missed In Canada!

By Scott A. Sumner, Northwestern Ontario Snowmobile News

It is with great sorrow that I heard the news about CJ's and his son  deaths in a traffic accident. I was talking to an employee at Arctic Cat this week and CJ's name came up in the conversation. It was shocking to hear of his passing. The snowmobile industry has lost a tremendous voice that will be impossible to fill.


My meetings with CJ were always in the centre of the track at the Duluth Snocross at Spirit Mountain where we were both covering the action for our snowmobile publications. He always greeted me with a big friendly smile . We would talk about our publications, web sites, where we had been riding which may include far flung places, the new sleds and politics. You Canadians are all gangsters he would say with a big grin on his face which was his running joke with me.  I would always ask him if he was going to get up on his ladder  precariously perched right on the side of the track with sleds screaming by at 60 MPH. He  would laugh and said his days of doing that were over although I would see him really close to the action  anyway snapping pictures.

My last time I recall talking to him was in the pits with Kirk Hibbert. You guys are both legends in the sport and they both smiled. In fact they really were and CJ will be sadly missed.

Rest in peace CJ and may you ride many beautiful trails in Heaven.

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