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Canadian Steve Taylor is the N

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Canadian Steve Taylor is the New Yamaha Factory Pro Rider

By Scott A. Sumner

   image After a good start for Yamaha’s new 4 stroke Pro Open sled on the WPSA circuit, including a win last season, the team is looking for great results from new racer Steve Taylor. The  25 year old, 5 foot  9 inch  152 1/2 pounds, Taylor  started snowmobiling at the age of six or
seven. “ My dad got me a Yamaha Bravo and I used to bomb around the yard. Now here I am back on Yamaha’s again. I grew up in Prince George, BC. only a 1/2 hour away from the mountains,” smiles Steve Taylor  who does  a lot of fitness. “ My trainer Drew from Calgary puts me on a program. We are usually 5 or 6 days a week in the gym doing cardio and
   “  I have been testing the  Yamaha sled for  a while and I love it. The four stroke motor is the big advantage of it. You can get killer starts with the torque. It is a great machine and the way all motorsports are headed. Motocross did it and now Snocross is on it’s way. It is great to be part of the development of it and I am comfortable with the sled as I have ridden it a lot already,” noted Taylor who was the Yamaha test rider last season. “ The sled has constantly evolved including suspension, handling, new skid, Fox shocks and is  coming together really well. We are not far off the competition pace in terms of weight. Yamaha has lightened up the sled a lot and we are within 10 pounds of the competition,” smiled Taylor.  “ Most guys
already have 20 pounds on me so there you go. My arms get reefed around. It feels like the old 800’s. Today I want to get into the final. Duluth is such a gong show I’d be happy with a top 5 finish. That’s my goal. My favourite race is the X Games. It is a killer track and so much fun, such a hyped up event.  Racing is what I love. You know, beating people.There is no better feeling. Everybody on this team is working hard  with 12 hour days and provide me lots of good support.”
    Greg Marier is the Yamaha Snowmobile Race Manager based out of Pleasant Praire, Wisconsin. “ We have been racing already for several years in Japan. Yamaha started with the first 3 cylinder engine, the 793 and now the 3 cylinder 1049 powers the Nytro based sled. We hope to learn a lot about the sled to place into the production Nytro. We have the Minocqua race team where we base our engineering and testing and also calibration and endurance work. Yugi is the racer working on the product sled and using racing to prove components,” noted Greg Marier. “ Steve Taylor and Cory Davis are running Pro and Semi Pro on our factory team. The team will run all of the WPSA National circuit.  We have longer term or aggressive product development with the goal of development and marketing.”
   Marier has been with Yamaha since 1980, starting in Engineering and R and D and then working up to product planning and marketing including developing future products using 4 stoke technology. “ Our focus is to prove the 4 stroke can ride through the bumps well. Snocross can show how well the sleds will run. As well we can learn about shock velopment. Yamaha is having pictures of fans taken here with the race sleds. You can also meet the Yamaha girls. We want to inject some fun at the events. On Monday we will rent the track and have Yamaha rides for the public.” smiled Marier.

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