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Carl Schubitzke Joins Amsoil

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Carl Schubitzke Joins the Amsoil Team

By Scott A. Sumner
   Carl Schubitzke comes from a snowmobile race family.  The 23 year old from Duluth, Mn started snowmobiling when he was 15 and began racing right away.  This year he is a happy man, joining one of the best teams in the sport, Team Amsoil.  "My first race was at Spirit Mountain.  I have raced motocross since I was about six years old so snocross was like an extension of motocross," smiles Carl Schubitzke.  "Snocross was a lot of fun.  My first race I was on a Polaris and then rode Ski Doo for two or three years.  I was a factory rider with Yamaha when they were in snocross along with Nathan Titus.  DJ Eckstrom was a support rider there as well."  Recently as well Schubitzke raced for the factory Polaris team out of Wausau for four years.  The last  two years he raced out of the Judnick trailer based right out of  Wausau at the Polaris the race department.
      "It was a great opportunity to come to Team Amsoil.  Ever since I heard about it I was excited to make the switch. It's a great team and Im excited to be a part of it.  DJ and I grew up together only about a mile apart and went to high school together (Proctor High School) only five minutes from here (the race track)," says Schubitzke.  "It will be good to be teamed up again."
   The life of a snocross star is not all glory.  Fitness has become a huge component of the sport.  "In the summer I do motocross around the midwest.  At least everyday you go the gym in the morning - at least four time a week.  In the afternoon you ride motocross," states Schubitzke.  "In the fall you hit it pretty heavy - the gym in the AM, ride motocross in the PM and at night cool down and stretch.  As the fall comes you have to really hit it even harder.  Before the season I do some weight training until you feel your strength is real good and then it is just maintaining it."  Carl Schubitzke weighs 170 pounds and is 5 ft 9 in. tall.  Last year he broke his wrist and about five years before that broke his ankle.  "I've had my fair share of injuries.  I want to stay injury free, that's for sure," notes Schubitzke.  "During the race season its a hectic schedule.  We usually fly to the far races.  At the close races we follow the transport.  Usually during the week you are home a couple of days depending on the race.  We usually spend the week back at the race shop in Aurora, MN."
     "I live in Duluth.  DJ and myself usually drive up together and arrive back at home every night.  We have had snow up there for 10 to 14 days and have spend a lot of time testing before the season."  says Schubitzke.  "It seems like everything is working out really good."
   The Polaris racer has had some input into the design of the new 440IQ race sled.  "A little bit of involvement with a couple years telling them my ideas.  It was the five guys up in Roseau who designed it and I think they heard every racers input," says Schubitzke.  "It feels great.  It is a big improvement over last years sled.  It feels fantastic and is really fun to race.  I'm looking forward to racing all season and seeing what I can do.  Last year I ended up breaking my wrist so I was out for pretty much the whole season."
    "I love the sport.  If I didnt love it I wouldnt be doing it.  It's what I think about all day long.  It's my life.  I enjoy it and wouldn't want to be anywhere else thats for sure," smiles Carl Schubitzke whose family is out of Duluth - Mom, Dad and brother and sister.
   Does the sport seem dangerous to the young racer?  "No not really.  You are so focussed on so many other things.  You are trying to get a good start,  if you are behind you are trying passing, if out front trying to stay out front," says Schubitzke.  "The whole weekend kinda engulfs you.  I believe if you have any fear you will ride a lot slower.  You just focus on other things.  Reaction times are what you have to keep working on to get better and better."
The race weekends are the fun for Carl Schubitzke.  The hard work is during the week.  During the summer Carl likes to play volleyball and golf.  "I  usually shoot plus 15 - in the high 80s. Duluth is always my favourite race because all my friends and family get to come.  I can sleep in my own bed."

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