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Centre de la Moto Neige

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Centre de la Moto Neige Large Ski Doo Dealership in Valcourt

By Scott A. Sumner
Some 500 feet from the sprawling Ski Doo manufacturing facility in Valcourt, Quebec is one of the oldest Ski Doo dealerships in Canada, Centre de la Moto Neige.  "We have some Ski Doo employees buy sleds here.  Others who live a bit  farther away use other dealers in the area."  states Alain Gagne, directeur general of Centre de la Motoneige.  The dealer ship sells between 250 and 300 Ski Doo sleds per year and has a staff of 14 people including, 4 in clothing, 2 in service/ parts, 2 in sales as well as finance/ accounting and service staff.  We have a good friendship with the company, Ski Doo but we are still similar to other dealerships.  If they have some final preparation on a sled they may ask us to do it for them."  smiles Gagne.  The current building  for the Centre de la Moto Neige is 7 years old.
       "Being so close to the factory also helps us a lot because we have many people who come to see the plant and the museum and then come to the dealership.  As well many companies who build parts come here to see what happened with their part," says Gagne.  "They built a part but they don't see the final product in which their part was used.  Many come from Japan, China, other parts of Quebec and the US.  In Quebec we are the largest dealer for clothing, the first for service and second to a Montreal dealership for sales of units.  They  sell about 500 units per year both new and used," says Gagne.  "We have quite a few employees from the plant who can get a discount of up to 15% on the sled."
       "In some days 900 snowmobiles cross here, because all trails in the Eastern Townships come to Valcourt.  It is crazy, there are so many snowmobiles. We are second  largest retailer of Ski Doo clothing in North America," smiles Gagne. "The job is always fun for me.  We work with people who like our product and are always smiling.  They like something and it is a pleasure for them. Its a fun business.  We sell the four products.  Ski Doo, ATV, Sea Doo and Jet Boats up to 22 feet."
    In first days of December the dealership is planning a trip to the Mount Valet in Lac St Jean.  "We work hard here in the wintertime, seven days a week. I drive five or six times a year, but put on over 2000 miles. In the spring time we always go in the Gaspe for three days with some customers."  smiles Alain Gagne.

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