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Chase Rosemeyer

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Chase Rosemeyer Wants To Live The Dream

by Scott A.Sumner
     Chase Rosemeyer from Gilman, Wisconsin near Eau Claire is a racer on the move.  The 19 year old  has been riding snowmobiles since he was 3 and racing for 4 years.  Last year he went to tech college.
   "I started on Arctic Cat, then went to Polaris and now race Ski Doo.  I love the Ski Doo.  It soaks up everything," smiles Chase Rosemeyer.  "We have 1 mod and 1 stock sled and would like to do the whole circuit.  Yesterday was my first day on this mod and I made it to the finals for the X Games qualifier so Im happy.  It has so much power.  In the final Chase was 13th and it was real tight race."
     "It was fun racing against Tucker Hibbert.  I love racing bikes and look up to him.  Earlier I  pulled the holeshot and won a heat in Semi-Pro Open.  You have to remember to breath.  That can be my problem."
     Semi Pro on the WPSA is very, very competitive.  Every heat race there are at least 3 or 4 guys that are in contention to win.  "This is my first year in a big racer 55 foot trailer.  With out my parents I wouldn't be able to do it.  They support me so much.  Wesley Racing and Cycle based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin found out about me and gave me a call," notes Rosemeyer.  "My nick name growing up was moose as I am 6 ft 1 inch and 180 pounds.  This summer Ive been training as hard as I can.  I ride a lot of dirt bike.  After work ends I'll spend more time.  Some day I'd like to make it as a pro rider and live the dream a little bit. "

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