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Curtis Crapo

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Curtis Crapo Ready For A Great Season

By Scott A. Sumner
   The Crapo family has produced some great racers and 25 year old Curtis is pleased to be at a new team this year.  "I think I was 4 years old when I began riding for recreational with the family.  I started racing when I was 14," says Curtis Crapo who is from St Anthony, Idaho a town of 3500 people.  "I was on Polaris my whole life except this year.  The family always rode Polaris and we stuck with them.  Last year they didn't have much to offer us so we put something together with Arctic Cat.  They helped us out, more than anyone has before as far as team work and knowing what it takes to win races.  That's why I'm here.  They have always been after me and my younger brother Shaun.  Every year they talk to us to see if were are interested.  Last year what really made it happen was Tucker leaving.  We didn't want to come over to Arctic Cat and be second best behind Tucker.  Polaris wasn't really helping us out so we decided to make the change and it has worked out well."
     Crapo has been a pro rider 8 or 9 years.  Last year he did well at Duluth until an injury occured  and he  was out all year.  "I cased a bump so hard it didn't matter if I was wearing a knee brace or not.  It's been a hard road to recovery all summer.  I have been training, doing rehab with lots of jogging, mountain biking, motocross and weight lifting," says Crapo.  "I blew my ACL out and damaged cartalidge in the knee.  I had surgery right away by a guy out of Jacksonville, Wyoming who works on the US Ski Team.  I searched around a bit to find the right guy as I didn't want it to end my career."  Curtis Crapo rides motocross on a local level.  "We have some of the largest sand dunes in North America right in my back yard so I do a lot of that for training," says Crapo.  "I never think of injury, not even.  I think if you do you shouldn't be riding.  My body feels like it can take it again and these sleds are a lot nicer on my body.  Last year I got shin splints all the time.  These sleds are tuned in real good."
    "The Arctic Cats are unbelievable as far as turning ability and the way it rides.  It is probably the best sled out there.  It's really closest to Ski Doo.  I think we have really good iron under us this year," smiles Crapo.  "At this point it's a little hard to tell on motors who is stonger.  Yesterday, it was icy out there and it depended on who hooked up the best and got the holeshot.  Everybody is strong in the motor department."  Crapo and the Ohlah Race team are based out of Fergus Falls.  That is where T & S,  who do the chassis work, are located.  Their motors are from Speedwerks.
    "I love this sport.  I cant picture myself doing anything else.  I grew up as a kid watching Jack Struthers and Kirk Hibbert ride.  They are from our home area and thats what I've always wanted to do.  So this is a dream come true," smiles Crapo.  "I did a lot of Rock y Mountain cross country.  It is a lot of work on your body.  The courses are a lot rougher there.  Here its all speed, more machine than rider.  That's why the guys from the west  are such smart riders."  Crapo has been  testing with Kirk Hibbert.  "It's been great.  All the guys are prime riders."

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