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 Arctic Cat Dealer Ready For A Great Season

By Scott A. Sumner
   If you take a walk into the Smith’s RV showroom in Thunder Bay you can’t help but be impressed with the huge selection of sleds. Row after row of all models of Arctic Cat sleds are there and make for a snowmobile enthusiasts dream.
   The last week in September Smith's RV held Arctic Blast 2008 with over 30 sleds in their showroom with a few ATV’s as well.  “ We are excited. It is awesome. We have some good deals on non current sleds  that we picked up and some brand new 2008 Arctic Cats,” smiled an representative of Smith’s RV Centre Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. “  The
2008’s are brand new and exciting. Arctic Cat has made some fun changes with more  2008 sleds in the F chassis including the 570. There were also some minor changes to the F8 and F10. The Sno Pro version has a new track, the most aggressive track I have ever seen. It is an inch and 1/4 with an aggressive pattern and scoops in both direction for breaking and acceleration and a snake skin pattern on the bottom of the track so it will have awesome traction.”

   Perhaps the most significant change for Arctic Cat 2008 on the F series is the diameter of the swaybar which has been changed a little bit. The mounting position of the swaybar has been changed as well. “ Most people wouldn’t notice the change but talking to some of the
Arctic Cat test riders in Minneapolis they say it makes a huge difference. We have the 2008 Arctic Cat Jaguar sled, the F10 and Crossfire 10 in our showroom,” stated the Smith’s RV team.
  “  The Jaguar has a brand new 1000 four stroke motor. It  is  a performance sled with the twin spar chassis used in the F series. Arctic Cat has used a 4 stroke engine based on an automotive motor for it’s utility sleds doing trails and with a turbo on has more powered
and performs really well. This 1000 cc Jaguar engine is purpose built and especially for this chassis and is well done. This is the second year for the sled. We didn’t bring any in last year as we weren’t sure how it would do but other dealers did so well we are ready this year.”
     “ I was through the factory last year and Arctic Cat management are excited. The areas where they have had snow have had strong Arctic Cat sales and the product performing very well. We just need some good dumps of snow and it will be good,” noted  the Smith’s RV team. “  Last   year Arctic Cat added the Twin Spar chassis. Based on what they changed this year,which was very little, you know it was a great chassis.”

    Unique this year at Smith’s RV Centre is they have brand new 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008  Arctic Cat models in the showroom which  all have a 1 warranty so people can buy them with confidence.  “ There are some incredible deals. We have marked down the 2007 sleds we had left over and purchased some non current  product from Arctic Cat that is priced right. We are optimistic about the upcoming season and have stacked up  and are ready to go,” smiled the Smith’s RV team. “  The forecast from the  Farmers Almanac is for good snow. There are many people who haven’t bought sleds recently so this will be the year
to get a new one. We at Smith's RV are quite happy to take a trade. It doesn’t matter what brand it is we will take it on trade and get you in and out of here in a day out riding. We have a Certified Catmaster technician and the parts guys have been doing it for many years. We are
a full service dealership.”

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