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DJ Ekstom of Team Ansol

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DJ Ekstom of Team Amsoil Loves To Race

By Scott A. Sumner
   D J Eckstom is one of the premier snocross pilopts on the planet.  Last season he was in the top three in points when he had a severe injury.  "I had a great season going up to New York when I tore my ACL," says D J Eckstom.  "They go in and take a chunk out of your patella tendon in front of your knee cap, a 1/4 inch strip, and re-attach it to where the old ligament was.  It took a long time in rehab, a lot of hard work to get it back to normal.  I worked with a physical  trainer.  In October I rode dirt bikes and have been riding sleds for about three weeks now."  Ekstom is past his injuries now.  "I feel 100%.  I really worked hard." 
    The Amsoil Race team is based  in Aurora, Mn.  "We have a snowmaking system so we can  make snow to practice.  The city of Aurora hauls in the snow from the streets as well," says Eckstom.  Aurora is a 1 hour drive north of Duluth.
     The Polaris race sled has a few minor changes this year.  "The changes they have made are a world of difference, moving the handlebars forward and changing the position where they mount the rear suspension has helped a lot.  The sled turns a lot better than last years model,"  Eckstom has just turned 23 and started racing when he was 17.  "I tarted on Ski Doo as an independent and the the following year with Yamaha.  Then it was a 1/2 season with Arctic Cat before I signed with Amsoil and have been with them ever since," says Ekstom.  Fear of injury doesn't really come into my mind.  You are concentrating on ther race so much.  You just don't think about it.  WSA does a good job.  Its' pretty good.  Amsoil is a great company to work with.  We have a good team we all get along really well.  It seems like the hard work our mechanics put in really pays off.  Polaris has been great to us.  When ever we need support they are there."

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