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Exciting Polaris Sleds 2014

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Exciting Polaris Sleds for 2014


by Scott A. Sumner

   Anne Marie Polhill, General Manager for J & J Sports Thunder Bay is excited about the 2014 Polaris 600 Indy Voyager sled. Brand new for 2014 it a great utility sled with a long track and cargo rack at the back, 144 inch track with 2 inch lug made for off trail, ice fishing, government and hydro- it is good work unit. The engine is 600 cc liquid cooled engine. The sled is also light weight at 498 pounds. “ It is going to be a good seller and we expect being sold out of this model. It retails at $11,300 plus freight and PDI.” said Anne Marie.


The most popular selling sled recently for J & J Sports has been the Polaris 800 Switchback Assault which is now also available with a 600 engine. “ This sled has a great suspension and power. It is a sled you want to take off trail and is fun to play with as it is nimble and a powerhouse. People are using the sled off trail and going out of town more to ride. The sleds are being well used even though we don’t have as much of a trail system. The sled is also quite light which is great in deeper snow. We have sold out of this model for the last three years.” said Anne Marie.   “ The Indy line is a great entry sled for Polaris. It performs and the customers we sold this sled to last year raved about it. The  Indy 600 sled starts at  $8995,” said Anne Marie. “ It is going to be a good year. We will get lots of snow and it will happen soon!”

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