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Exciting 2013 For Arctic Cat

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Exciting Sled From Arctic Cat For The High performance Rider: 

2013 Arctic Cat F 800 Sno Pro RR

by Scott A. Sumner
  Last model year was the 50th anniversary of Arctic Cat and they celebrated it with the introduction of a dramatic new chassis in the Pro Cross and Pro Climb models. Consumer
acceptance has been great and in 2013 Arctic Cat continues to advance this
new platform to provide the avid snowmobiler a great product to ride.
  Pretty cool from Arctic Cat for 2013 is the new F 800 Sno Pro RR “ What they
did was take the race sledset up and put in the 800 motor. It has the EVOL shocks and the same basic detailing as the race machine with two colours available and the  big Arctic Cat decal on the tunnel.” said Jason Johnstone, General Manager of Smith’s RV Centre in Thunder Bay who attended the launch of the new sleds in Orlando this March. The RR is also available
in the 1100 Turbo model.
   Another unique change for Arctic Cat  for 2013 is with the popular Sno Pro 500 where you can reflash the ECU and install a throttle block. This will limit the RPM to 6300 and the maximum speed to 35 MPH so it is good for the transition rider of 10 to 14 years old to get into the
sport. It is a clever way to allow the young person to grow into the sled for a long time.
The XF Cross Tour is also new for 2013 with some added features such a higher windscreen, heavier duty bumper as well as tunnel bag standard. It is meant for tour riding but with big HP and a 141 inch track.

   Arctic Cat were happy with the sales results this past year ending up second in total North American sales behind BRP according to Johnstone. “ They had the best growth in the crossover series which was their top seller. In 2014 Arctic Cat will build their own engines and may
phase out some 2 strokes especially in their touring models.”
   The 2013 Arctic Cat sleds have some new decals and a few mechanical updates based on
the rider experience of this past season. “ We have increased our Procross order this year at Smith’s RV. The Procross version sled  can sell for $14,000 but if you are passionate and really
love the sport, really what is the difference between spending $10 or $11,000 or $14,000 for something you are really going to enjoy. You can’t put a price tag on something you are really are passionate about. It is just like other sports such as golf in the summer  or riding  ATV's or going RV’ing or  boating. If you love it and it is going to make you the happiest a few thousand dollars won’t stop most people.” smiles Jason Johnstone.
   You can see the full line up of 2013 Arctic Cat sleds at

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