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FCMQ Experience Growth In Members

 by Scott A. Sumner
     Quebec has always been seen as a snowmobile haven by  snowmobiliers, escpecially those of us who live in Ontario. With  close to 90,000 members there are 160000 snowmobiles with license  plates and at least twice that many non plated in Quebec. "We have  statistics  that around 1.5 million people take a ride on snowmobile  each season in Quebec. The permit sales are going up  which  is  amazing," said Denis Levasseur VP of Quebec Snowmobile Federation,  Zone IV. "Bring the people to  snowmobile and when they try the smile  they have when they remove the helmet is huge.They are  already sold 
for life then. It is fun. Sledding is a really a social sport ,you  meet people on the trails and have big events."

 Marjorie Beaudette, Admnistratrice, Region 10, Mario Cote President, Denis Levasseur, VP

 In Quebec the permit price is $225  before Dec 9th and  $250  afterwards. The permit  includes liability insurance of $55 including  500,0000 liability and it insures the club if something happened. " We  have 32,500 Km trails all groomed. That is the trail system and not  including all those other private trail s that exist say to a hotel  or lodge. In Quebec we have 22,000 Km of roads,"  said Levasseur. "  Quebec is one of the the nicest places in Cananda to ride.You can  ride right outside of Montreal. Easy to ride and a lot of people 
leave home on the sled.and dont have to traler. Valcourt  is the  World Capital of Snowmobiles. The first production sled was built  here in Quebec in 1959- 50 years ago. We can have so much fun  snowmobiling. The trials wil stay the same. We have to admit the 
cities are getting bigger and we must adapt ourself but we will  mantain a stong system oftrails.We will be her at the 75th  anniversary  year."

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