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Fox Shocks Feature New EVOL

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Fox Shocks Feature New Float Evol

by Scott A. Sumner

   Rick Strovel is the race manager for Fox Racing based in Watsonville, California. He was a busy man at the Amsoil Duluth National opener of the ISOC National series.  All of the Fox shocks are manufactured and produced in California where the company employs about 350 people and has just become a public company. Fox has been in business for 35 years and began  working with both Polaris and Arctic Cat many years ago. The company also does bicycle shocks, ATV shocks and dirt bike shocks. The air shock technology has seen big advances for the company in the front and now air shocks are even going on the rear of the skid.

    “ We started with Fox rebuildable shocks and now have the air shock. That is the next stage of the technology. It really works well especially with a falling rate rear suspension.  The air shock had an advantage with the weight and the technology plus the ramp up and the force curve of the spring is a lot different with how the air shock works at the end for bottoming resistance. It is really good for snocross and trail riding,” said Rick Strovel. “  The biggest
difference is we have more adjustability on the shock especially with the new  Float EVOL shock. The standard float is like a single rate spring. The EVOL is a dual rate spring because we have dual chambers cross over and separator in two different chambers. It is very
elaborate. Arctic Cat produces their new SNO PRO 500 sleds with coils over rebuildable Fox shocks but the consumer can purchase the float shocks or  new EVOL shock from the Arctic Cat accessory catalogue.”
   “   The new Fox Float EVOL retails for $1495 and our standard  Float 2’s are $695. If you are going trail riding I would recommend the Float 2's  to the rider that wants to put a good upgrade on their sled. For that amount of money you can have an excellent shock absorber that works really well on the trail,” noted Strovel. “  The shock in the Arctic Cat SNOPRO 500 is the same shock as on the SNOPRO 600. It is valved differently and sprung a little bit differently but the it is  same technology from the 600 to the 500. If you are trail riding the
SNOPRO 500 you could put the Float 2's on.  They will help on the weight and help with roll in the corner. A shock absorber needs maintenance and we recommend once a year. It is an oil and  gas charge so you change the oil and recharge it.”

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