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H2O Audio- The Sound You Love

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H20 Audio- The Sound You Love Underwater



H2O Audio was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California just as a new era of digital music and portable MP3 players began to give people outstanding audio quality on the move. As avid watersports lovers, we wanted to extend that use to the pool and ocean. We now lead the field in waterproof headphones and iPod accessories, creating products with superior underwater sound.     


Designed by athletes for athletes, we originally developed H2O Audio products for our own use. Over the last ten years, we have perfected a line of waterproof headphones and cases guaranteed to give swimmers and watersports enthusiasts the best possible sound experience. We stand by them as the best on the market.
When you are at the hotel after a long day riding, you can relax in the pool with your music!

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