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Hay Days 2010 at Lino Lakes

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Hay Days 2010 at Lino Lakes, MN Fun To See!

by Scott A. Sumner
    Most of us have a to do list. Something that you have always wanted to do, see, experience! As an avid snowmobile enthusiast I have always wanted to see the massive Hay Days event held each year near Minneapolis. It is really quite close from us here in NW Ontario. A 5am
start allowed Albert, Luch and myself to drive to the gate entrance of the event by about 10 am. Even at that time the line up of cars was a mile or more down the road which told me something about how big thisevent really is. In fact I have to think it is the largest snowmobile
event in the world!

    This year Hay Days featured awesome displays from all the manufacturers of their 2010 sleds, many aftermarket snowmobile suppliers, drag racing on a smooth track, freestyle activities including jumping and of course acres of snowmobilers selling sleds, parts and accessories. I bet you could find almost anything related to the sport and then some.
    The mid September weekend in Minnesota was HOT. Temperatures had to be in the 90’s and as the event is held on a large field the dust was flying from all the activity. If you ever had any wonder about how the sport of snowmobiling is doing you just had to be at Hay Days and watch the thousands of people walking around the miles of displays. The attendance for the event was over 35,000 who all paid their $10 to $15 admission.

    It was fun to see the great number of people buying everything under the sun related to the sport. The event was very well organized and had volunteers assigned to pull the sold sleds out to the buyers trailer or truck. It was a well oiled machine and a credit to the Sno Barons
Snowmobile Club who have done this for many years. They use their revenue from this event to help other snowmobile clubs in their area.
   If you can get the time be sure to see the 2010 Hay Days eventyourself. I think you will be as amazed as I was.

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