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Inaugural Teen Challenge Sled

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Inaugural Teen Challenge Sled for Eternity Event Huge Success!


by Scott A. Sumner

    It was a bitterly cold Saturday morning March 1st in Thunder Bay,  but that didn’t stop avid snowmobilers from coming out for a great cause.     “ Teen Challenge is a Ministry that helps men and women  with  life controlling addictions. We do youth outreach and have a men's  home in Thunder Bay and one for women in Brandon Manitoba. They come  in and live with us  for 1 year and it is a holistic approach for  their spiritual, physical and mental life,” said Robby  Ahuja, Executive Director for Northwestern Ontario Teen Challenge. “  We are located  on the corner of Syndicate and Ridgeway in Thunder Bay  where we  have 8 men now and after we raise another $25,000 and can finish  renovations will expand to 10 men.”  


   Robby is from Abbotsford, BC and went through Teen Challenge  himself. “ I was addicted to crack cocaine, in and out of jail and  went to Teen Challenge in 2006 and finished the program. In 2008  there was a job opening in Thunder Bay, Ontario and I live here now, am  married  with three kids and my wife is currently pregnant,” smiles   Robby. “ Drugs and alcohol got me to a place where I had nowhere to  turn and I was going to die so I was walking the streets. Teen  Challenge did a 180 degree turn on me. I had no hope for a future and my life was going nowhere. Today I have hope, a plan and purpose  for my life. They introduced  me to a relationship with Jesus and I  have now seen thousands of men and women have this opportunity as well.”  

   Teen Challenge has about 10,000 centres worldwide and 13 in  Canada. They have seen great results in Thunder Bay  with guys that  are now working government jobs, are bus drivers and labourers and  those that have gotten married.   


  Sled Eternity 2014 has been done for 8 years in Winnipeg and it  has grown and received more donations each year.    “ Everyone has had a blast  doing it Winnipeg so we decided to try in  Thunder Bay for the first time. We got 115 riders out, which is  phenomenal, and way more that expected. We grossed $30,000 in a first  year,” said Robby. “  Many people registered on line and 25 people  fundraised. We gave away a used 2006 Yamaha this year and next  year will give away a 2014 Yamaha Viper  to the top fundraiser. The  riders got a trail pass for the day, lunch at Silver Mountain and  then dinner at the Kakabeka Legion as well as a tee shirt. People enjoyed it and the funds will  really help out our organization.”  

   Each year Teen Challenge also do a 36 hole golf marathon at  Whitewater GC  in one day with 18 holes in the morning and an 18 best  ball in the afternoon. At this event they  give away a used car. Last  years event raised $50,000 with 36 golfers.

  “ We don’t receive any government funds. In 2013 we needed to  raise $300,000 to purchase our new home to expand from 4 men to 10  men and we did it is 6 months. The support here in Thunder Bay is  phenomenal.” said Robby     For further information go to or phone 345-2277

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