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ISOC President Carl Schubitzke

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ISOC President Carl Schubitzke Impressed With Duluth Track


by Scott A. Sumner

   I had a brief conversation with Isoc President Carl Schubitzke at the Duluth opener.

How do you like the Duluth 25th Anniversary track?
   “ The track is amazing- you have to give credit to the Spirit Mountain snowmaking crew. When you see in three days how much snow they made it is impressive. It  is the largest track Duluth has ever seen. It is sunny out, 40 degrees which is kinda weird, but we are excited to be here.  You have to make the race happen this weekend. People come from all over the world and maybe next week may not be able to come. We do what ever we can to pull it off.”

You have two new venues this year at ISOC?
“ Winterpark,Colorado  is at about 8500 to 9000 feet. It is a new market for us and we haven’t been to Colorado so we are pumped for that. The snow conditions will be really good.”
“Dubuque, Iowa is also new and the whole city is behind it with a lot of excitement. It might be a sleeping giant. The people there are our crowd and market.”

Its nice to get the season started!
“ It is good to be racing, once it gets in your blood it is hard to give up. I am excited for the Pro Open final and there are a lot of guys that can do well. Who has trained well and who will be the guy.
The  new Arctic Cat EFI is good to see and great to see progression in our sport.”

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