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ISOC Racing Series Growing

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ISOC Racing Series Growing The Sport Of Snowmobiling


by Scott A. Sumner

It was fun to sit down with Carl Schubitzkie, President of ISOC Racing from his perch over the track at Spirit Mountain, Duluth MN and talk about snocross racing!


You have been involved with snowmobiling for a long time Carl?

  “ I got into racing myself at the young age of 5 or 6 riding Kitty Cats. My dad was also in racing for many years. I raced until 28 years old and  then starting working for ISOC on the promotion side before becoming CEO.”

There has been a lot of good things happening at ISOC?

“ We have been trying to do as much as we can at ISOC to raise the level  of the sport with corporate sponsors and grow the sport as a whole. The racers are behind us which is great. We want to do something bigger and better each and every year for everyone- spectators, riders, sponsors and the teams!  My job is to study what other series are doing and see what we can do with an open mind- keeping in mind what we can afford.”

This Amsoil Duluth National race is a great start to the season each year.

“ Duluth is a new beginning each year as every  rider can win and change the bar. It has been running for 23 years now and the city gets right behind the event. It is our Super Bowl race and exciting to get behind it each year and see what happens. It is amazing to see the enthusiasm with many people involved. We work with Visit Duluth and Spirit Mountain closely and have 90 employees here ourselves under the ISOC umbrella from television to track officials  to everything. It is a huge undertaking.”

So you have quite a large staff with you on these race weekends?

“ They make it easy because we have great people in each position. Amsoil is behind the sport through thick and thin and we are fortunate  to have them as title and this race is in their back yard.”


The race classes seem to be quite healthy with many riders?

“ The Pro Open is healthy but we would like to get a few more sponsors to up the purse. There has been new sponsors added over the summer. It is amazing to see the very professional teams. I started with those teams as a racer and can  now see it from the other side.”


It sounds like you really enjoy your work here at ISOC?

“ It is a dream job for me. There are long hours and lots of hard work but it is something that I love so I am fortunate and very lucky. We have 8 races this season and like to see more cold weather and snow continue!”


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