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Kenora Snocross Racer

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Kenora Snocross Racer Has Great Season


by Scott A. Sumner

   Seventeen year old Brady Love, number 444, had a great first  season doing all races in the ISOC National series finishing third  overall behind Zak Mason and Jake Angrove in the year long points in  the Sport class. The Sport class is an important step leading to Pro  Lite and Pro Open classes. It is a hotly contested class with 80 to  100 entries each race weekend.


   “ At the first race of the season Duluth Polaris noticed me and  talked to my father Rick and myself   a little bit. At that race I  became the number 1 qualifier for my first race, which was, huge and  ended up battling with Zak Mason, a Polaris factory rider and I ended  up finishing second.  Tom Rager Jr of Polaris Racing came up to us  and asked who are you, we have never heard of you before," laughed  Brady Love. “ During that race they helped us with suspension specs  and the next weekend they started helping us with parts. The help  meant we could do all the National Races which wouldn’t have been  possible financially without them.”

    The week before Duluth Brady broke a bone in his wrist during  training which made the racing harder and harder to ride although he  completed each race weekend.  “ I ended up crashing out in finals  because I couldn’t hold on to the sled with the injured wrist which  had a broken bone, one of 8 bones in your wrist. I would come home  with no riding then, get casted and then just before the race weekend  take the cast off,” said Love. “ I had surgery on the wrist 9  weeks ago and had a bone graft.  If all is well I will get a  different type of cast and start physio soon and?will be ready for  snocross with maybe some motocross in September.”

    Polaris will help Brady Love out a lot next year and support him  as much as they can.

“ My goal for 2015 is to be a pro lite rider for a team. Polaris  wants me to spend another year in Sport class and be like Zak Mason  who will race for Leighton Motorsports this year as a Pro Lite  rider.  Next year I will graduate high school.  If I get a full time  race ride after that I would take a year off school and try and make  a point," smiles Brady Love. “  My dad Rick is my mechanic,  driver, cook, everything. I love racing. My family bought me a little  half ton with long box so I can put the sled in and go down to the  states to their tracks to practice as we don’t have any tracks at  home.”


    Polaris is mentoring Brady Love and like that he is young and can  develop. “ We are trying to get three sleds this season. One sled  for the Friday night race, one for Saturday nights as well as a  practice sled. We barely made it last year with one sled struggling  getting parts and even getting out for the finals. Polaris is going  to help me out as much as they can. There are many up and coming kids  racing," said Brady Love. “ Ido a high intensity work out and  hope to get back on the motocross bike before the snocross season.  Motocross is a fun hobby and I could see myself doing well if I  worked at it but financially it is too much and I have to be  committed to just one and I pick snocross.”


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