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Kenora Snocross Racer Signs

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Kenora Snocross Racer Signs With Polaris Racing


 by Scott A. Sumner


   Sixteen-year-old Brady Love has been riding and racing snowmobiles  since the age of 4 and just loves the sport. This past weekend at the  ISOC National opener in Duluth Brady won several heats and finished  on the podium with a second and third out of a field of 110 sport  riders. This caught the eye of the Polaris Race Team and Brady was  signed to their program that weekend. I talked to his father and  mechanic in the staging area before a heat race.


   “ We had great day yesterday. Brady won both of his qualifying  heats and in the final got a second. In the first qualifying heat we  are pretty sure he has two broken bones in his hand where it attaches  to his wrist. Today he has a lot of swelling and pain but it is part  of snocross. 90 % of the time something hurts,” said Rick Love from  Kenora. “  He just loves snocross. The race manager from Polaris was  in the trailer yesterday discussing Brady’s future.  Duluth is where  you come to showcase what you’ve got and that is what he did  yesterday. In his sport class there were over 100 kids qualifying for  15 spots. In the finals”

      Brady is in grade 11 and wants to make a career of snocross and  fall back and be an electrician when he is done.


“ We are gong to try and do the remaining nationals with some support  from Polaris and other corporate sponsors to help us with mainly fuel  and parts. We will also do the entire ISOC regional series for a  total of 15 races this winter,” said Rick Love. “  We have some good  sponsors already on board including TYCON of Thunder Bay with Shannon  Campbell, FXR and Ray solar from Kenora who helps us. The cost to  race a season is $25,000 to $30,000 between buying machines, fuel  parts and hotels. Brady has two 2013 Polaris 600 race sleds, one we  haven’t taken possession of yet.”


   Brady Love runs the Sport class at ISOC National events while in  Canada he is at the Pro level. He races Pro Lite in the ISOC regional  in US. He continued to race even with his hand injury at Duluth and  according to Rick Love will be fully looked over at a sports  specialty medical facility in Winnipeg on the way home from Duluth.

   It will be fun to follow the progress of up and coming snocross  racer Brady Love.

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