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Leatt Neck Brace Important

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Leatt Neck Brace Important In Snowmobiling

by Scott A. Sumner
   The importance of safety in riding snowmobiles should be foremost  in everyone’s minds, even if you are out trailing on the weekend near  your home. An orthopaedic surgeon from South Africa has invented a  neck brace that can help you improve your safety when out riding 
snowmobiles, ATV’s or motorcycles.
    Roger Hendricks is an independent representative of Leatt Brace  for Minnesota. “  I work for Leatt Brace that protects you and takes  care of C1 to 7, the life support area of your neck. The weak spot is  your neck, as it is more fragile. When you are out trail riding in the woods and you happen to hit a tree with your neck you could  potentially break your neck. A Leatt Brace can help protect you but  limiting the movement of your neck to an acceptable range.” said  Roger Hendricks.

   “  The initial fitting of a Leatt Brace is important. There are a  lot of adjustments with the width of your torso. A local shop that  has been trained can help you or we can send out a video,” said  Hendricks. “  Every time you get some additional safety to protect  yourself the longer you are going to be able to ride. It is a  precaution to help you ride longer because you ride to live and live  to ride. The consumer is seeing a safety advance here.”

    The Leatt Brace range in price from $250 to $429.  Leatt has a  brand new brace for motorcycle street riding, the STX

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