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Levi Lavalle Loves Riding Snow

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Levi Lavalle Loves Riding Snowmobiles

by Scott A. Sumner

One of my favourite people to talk to at the Amsoil Duluth Snocross is Levi Lavallee. The well spoken racer is iconic in the sport and has a great following.


How are things going for the Lavallee Race team this season?
  “ The new Polaris race sled is awesome. Kyle Pallin has been riding it the last few weeks and he loves it. Instantly he said I think this thing is great. In the Dominator it worked well. Today we will see how it performs in a longer race.”

Your rider line up has changes this year Levi?
“We brought  Kyle Pallin back who has been doing well.  Now we have Zak Mason in Pro Lite division and are very excited  to have him. He has done well and eager to get out there and rip.
We will have a two man team and I will get out there messing around at X Games. I plan to do Freestyle and Snocross as well.”

How did things go last year at the X Games?
“ Last year at the X Games didn’t quite go to plan. I did Speed & Style and ended up fourth. Then in Long Jump  I bruised my heals which took me out the rest of the event  which was a bummer. I did get back riding at Cook City, Montana and did some riding in May which was pretty sweet. I needed it because it was a hard winter with little riding and I just wanted to ride and have fun. We also shot for our new web series “ Winteruption” for Polaris which is pretty fun.”

Your race schedule will be limited this season?
“ The guys coming up are young  and eager to excel. I remember those days willing to do whatever it took.  Now with running the race team and other things I do  it is hard to put in the time you need to excel at snocross. I told myself years ago I’d race up until I think I can’t
put forth the effort that is necessary to be out there. That time came and now it is on to the  next step. For me that is getting back to just riding my sled for enjoyment, not to get faster or do knarly tricks.”

Do you like just getting out there and trail riding sleds Levi?
  “ I enjoy riding with the different people. This is what started the passion for riding for me. I want to get out and ride some sleds. We have many sleds in the compound at home-some race sleds, some trail sleds and I got some mountain sleds this year just in case.”
“ Snowmobiling  is so much fun. Instantly when I was a kid you got out  on the lake, cracked the  throttle and there is nothing that accelerates like that, that feels like that. You can cut through the snow, through the trails,  these different things. That is what got me. Then I started hitting these little jumps. I loved catching air and the feeling of being like a bird is incredible. Just the experience you have, the friendships and hanging out from stop to stop and talking
about sleds. I love that and want to get back and do it more.”

Do you enjoy deep snow riding Levi?
“ The deep snow mountain riding is a new animal for me . The mountains takes it to a new level. I’ve been riding snowmobiles since I was 6 years old and I go out there and feel like a rookie!It pretty interesting to ride with those mountain  guys like Chris Burandt and guys like him. They are phenomenal.”

Are you enjoying being part of the ISOC series?
“ It is awesome to see what they have done. The ISOC series is stronger than ever  and is a good thing. This is a sport that I love and want to be involved. It is easy to be a pat of this whole family.”

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