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Levi LaVallee Is Excited About

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Levi LaVallee Is Excited About A Healthy Snocross Season


by Scott A. Sumner twitter@tbay25


It was fun to sit down with Levi LaVallee and Jake Scott in their  race trailer at Spirit Mountain in Duluth. Levi is one of the nicest  people in the snocross sport and his enthusiasm for snowmobiling is  contagious!


How are you feeling physically as we start the 2013/2104 season?

 Physically I am in one piece and feel good. We were able to get some  good training and riding in the last few weeks so hopefully we are in  the ballpark with everyone. The hard part for myself is I raced three  times last year and two times the year before that because of injury.  It is more about trying to get back in the swing of things, see where  I am at and where I have to improve for the next few races coming up.

 Will you race the entire season this year?

 The game plan is a full season of snocross. There are races I have  been to in the past like Lake Geneva and New York that I miss going  back to because there is such a great fan base there. The feeling you  get when you see someone who is pumped to see you ride is like no  other. There are no specialty jumps planned but as we move forward I  am always game to do a big jump so I’ll see what happens. The game  plan for me is to do freestyle, long jump and snocross at the X  Games. I am really looking forward to long jump.

Last year the X games went really well for you Levi?

 I was fortunately to win 2 gold medals. Unfortunately I tore my lat  muscle at the last race of the X Games and it put me out for the rest  of the season.  This year I would love making it through the whole  season healthy because then I could just go out riding sleds at the  end of the season like normal. Last year I got some Polaris trail  sleds, an Indy 600 and Rush 800 to ride but ended up getting hurt so  couldn’t ride them.


 Will there be lots of Polaris sleds at the Levi compound in Longville  this season?

 This year I will have four trail sleds from Polaris to ride- Rush  800, Switchback 600, Indy 800 and Switchback Assault 600, so a whole  fleet of sleds I hope to get out and ride. We have lots of sleds,  some trail sleds, race sleds and freestyle sleds. It is cool and I am  very fortunate to have a great relationship with Polaris and our  other sponsors. They allow us to do things at the highest level  including having fun, which is what the trail sleds are for.

 How is your team looking this season?

The team is looking awesome with Kyle Pallin, Jake Scott and Andy  Lieders. Jake is now in the Pro Class. Andy Leaders finished second  to Jake in the Pro Lite class and this is his year in Pro Lite. We  are very excited to have this team. They work their tales off and are  good people so it is a perk to have them here. It is a lot more work  having three Pro riders but is fun and at the end of the day snocross  and snowmobiling is my passion and the more I can surround myself  with it the better. There are so many great riders. If Jake or Kyle  does well I will be as excited as if I do well. Jake is 19 and Kyle  21 and I am the old guy. We have crew and mechanics that are a great  group of people.

  Have you been practice riding this season?

 We have been riding at Quadna, Hill City and Planet X in Aurora. It  was good to get on snow and run some good laps and testing. We made  some changes on our open sleds and got them working really well. It  is exciting and now you get to see if your work pays off on the track.

 Jake Scott, you will run the Pro Open class for the first time this  season?

 I am from Long Island New York and used to trail ride sleds in  Vermont. Some friends told us we could race sleds so we gave it a  shot. I grew up racing motocross. This winter I have my own little  room called the dungeon, at the Levi compound. I was pretty pumped to  win the Pro Lite class last year, as there was so much competition  with 5 or 6 guys able to win any time.  I have been training hard all  summer and hope to finish on the podium. In the past I did the  National amateur motocross races but before I could go pro I got  picked up in snocross. It is a great team and Levi has helped me out  so much. This is for sure a dream come true. The first races you are  in you are little nervous but I am here to have fun.

 Good luck to the Levi LaVallee race team this season!

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