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Levi LaVallee Starts Team

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Levi LaVallee Starts His Own Team

by Scott A. Sumner
    I sat down with popular snocross racer Levi LaVallee in his own trailer for the first season ever. Team LaValleee is owned by co owners Levi and Glen Kafka. “ Glen has been with me for several years. We have been in a separate rig running under Hentges umbrella but this year decided to go out on our own. We were able to keep our ties with Hentges Racing, sharing set up and some equipment. We have a good relationship with them and now have just branched out and got our own sponsors. My goal is to get the team established  while I am still racing and later on down the road when I retire from racing hopefully the team will function and I will be able to bring in new riders and stay involved in the sport I love,” smiles Levi LaVallee. “  Last year we had Brent Bender, TJ Gulla and myself.  Bobbie LePage was 50 /50. Kinda what I based off with the team was how Tucker has done it. If we can get just a fraction of the success that Tucker has had that would be outstanding. For me  it is a cool way to do more with the sponsors that I have and get more involved with the sport. Business wise and any other way I can help the sport grow and the snowmobile industry in general is good. We can bring the rig and do appearances and stuff. Its exciting.”

      “ We’ve got some great sponsors that are outstanding and have really great relationships that help me out a tremendous amount. Some of the sponsors we have had for years and years. Polaris is the only sled I have ever ridden and Red Bull have been with me for ever and ever. They help me a ton. Parts Unlimited just came on and are doing a tremendous amount for the team. National Guard, Woodys and Oakley are phenomenal as well,” stated LaVallee.

image“  Without their support you couldn’t compete at the level that we are at. It takes a whole crew and you have to have the best of everything to be at the top. That costs a lot of money and the sponsors help out a tremendous amount. Glen owns the trailer and rig and basically it works out really well. We have a good partnership and hopefully we can make this team last for many years to come.  We just hired on my girlfriend Kristen who is a graphic designer and will do all the graphics, PR, media and the day to day stuff. For a while I was thinking I’m a pretty sharp dude, I'll be able to sit on the computer and do the emails and day to day work. It just gets too much for me as I have to focus on the riding and racing. She will come on the first of the year. On the team we have semi pro rider Chris Kafka and myself. We each run 2  sleds along with practice sleds. There are sleds popping up everywhere!”

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