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New Technology Polaris 2016

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Lots of New Technology On 2016 Polaris Snowmobiles!


by Scott A. Sumner

    When you walk into the bright showroom of long time Polaris dealer in Thunder Bay, J & J Sports you will first see a bright orange 2016 Polaris SKS mountain sled. In some ways it shows the changing snowmobile market in Northwestern Ontario with deep snow riding here
and farther afield becoming more popular.

   “  Polaris  has concentrated  on the mountain segment this year as it has grown so much,” said Dustin Krezonski, Sales at J&J Sports Thunder Bay. “In the Thunder Bay area many riders are going to Montana for 10 days twice trips per year and putting on the same amount of mileage as they would here every weekend. There are many packages they offer there
including hotel and even lunches at the front desk for you each day. It is easier to do it. There is also lots of snow in our area especially near Beardmore and Nipigon.”
   The new RMK sleds for 2016 are built on the new AXYS chassis which makes it very light at 409 pounds with an 800 cc engine.The Pro Ride Switchback was the first Polaris sled to have the AXYS chassis but now it has been placed in the  mountain segment minus the Pro Ride on the rear suspension. The front is the AXYS chassis and will hold the new 800 HO engine while last years RMK could not hold the new motor.
   “ The new 800 HO engine is much better. I went to the  Polaris show in Orlando  last March and they had a couple seminars for us just on the new motor. They had cutaway ways,  splits and really focussed on how the new motor works. The testing was very extensive before it was
placed in the line up. They are so pleased with the new motor.” said Dustin.
   The direct belt system was a major innovation for Polaris recently and continues for 2016 with more options available as well.   “  It is a low enertia system not as much for the trail but for the mountain on the PRO RMK. Some riders didn’t want the direct drive so Polaris has offered the chain case if ordered. The direct drive is lower weight but made for deep snow and thin air, not as big a benefit for the trail sled.” says Dustin.
   The 2015 Switchback PRO S was snowmobile of the year by many national magazines last year and had great reviews, including an effortless ride. When you get on the sled  in the showroom with AXYS the whole sled bounces so you can see the front and rear work together to take the impact better as a unit. The suspension works well with a different radical look states Dustin.
   “ The ice fishing  consumer segment is huge for us as well with the Indy LXT 550 fan being very popular. It comes with a two up seat, wide skiis, electric start, high windshield and carry rack with a great price,” said Dustin.  We anticipate another very good year in snowmobile sales this season as we had last year.”

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